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Healthy Eating Tips for Your Next Road Trip

Healthy Eating Tips for Your Next Road Trip #SilkAlmondBlends

Preparing meals and snacks ahead of time has been (and continues to be) the key strategy I use when trying to keep up with my healthy lifestyle. When food is prepped and ready to eat I am much less … [Read More...]

A Healthy Lifestyle Begins in the Kitchen #LGkitchen

A Healthy Lifestyle Begins in the Kitchen #LGkitchen

In the past, I thought a healthy meal could only be found in frozen food section. I truly believed that if I wanted to lose weight and create a healthier lifestyle all I needed to do was purchase a … [Read More...]

Foods to eat before and after a workout

Foods to Eat Before and After a Workout

This post is by OYS writer Melissa. You can see more of her posts here. If you are regularly exercising at this point, give yourself a pat on the back!  The hard part is conquered.  But did you … [Read More...]

Salted Turtle Overnight Oats

Salted Turtle Overnight Oats (Chocolate, Dates, and Pecans)

Turtle chocolates are some of my favorite sweets to eat. I just love the combination of chocolate, caramel, and pecans together. Yummy! Now add a little salt and oh mama I am in heaven. Now of course … [Read More...]

Make Ahead Meal Plan and Exercise Schedule July 14th

Make Ahead Meal Plan & Exercise Schedule {July 14th – 20th}

Well the summer is officially flying by. I cannot believe I go back to work in 2 1/2 weeks. How is that possible? Seriously, it seems like yesterday I was relishing in my first day of vacation. Of … [Read More...]

Tips for making pizza on the grill

Tips for Making Pizza on the Grill

This post is by OYS writer Danielle. See more of her posts here. In a continued effort to capitalize on the grill, I am here to offer you an easy step by step How-To Grill Pizza. This technique has … [Read More...]

Make ahead meal plan and exercise schedule July 7th

Make Ahead Meal Plan {July 7th – 13th} plus Exercise Schedule

This past 4th of July weekend was so much fun. Usually, we hang out in the country but this year we stayed home and did a ton of stuff locally. We went to a carnival, barbeque, and saw some amazing … [Read More...]

vitamix S30 review and giveaway

Vitamix S30 Personal Blender Review and Giveaway

The winner of the Vitamix is Ashley Stewart ashley.stewert06. An email has been sent. Vitamix has added a new personal blender to their family called the Vitamix S30. This past week I was giving the … [Read More...]

Berry Lemonade Green Smoothie

Berry Lemonade Green Smoothie

As I was brainstorming recipes to top off green smoothie week on Organize Yourself Skinny my favorite summer time beverage -lemonade - popped into my head. In my opinion, there are few things more … [Read More...]

4 Tips to Break Through Your Weight Loss Plateau

4 Tips to Break Through Your Weight Loss Plateau

This post is by OYS writer Melissa. See her other posts here. Okay, so you made the decision to get in shape and lose some extra weight that you’ve been hanging onto. For the past couple of years, … [Read More...]

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