Weekly Meal Prep & Weigh-in {July 9th, 2018}

Hey there! Can I just say that I really look forward to writing my weekly meal prep and weigh-in posts. It’s the only posts that I just sit down and write. I think about my previous week, and the upcoming one, and simply share my triumphs, struggles, and other little “behind the scenes” nuggets of Continue reading →

Weekly Meal Prep & Weigh-in {July 2nd, 2018}

  Hey there! Well, we made it to July. You know what that means? It means we’re half way through 2018. That’s right, 6 months are officially in the books! It also means we have 6 months left to work on all the goals we set for this year. How are you doing with the Continue reading →

Weekly Meal Prep & Weigh-in {June 25th, 2018}

Hey there! Please tell me how we’re already into the last week of June! Honestly, where did the month go?! Essentially, I have about 1 month before my girls and I leave to visit my sisters in Colorado – which means, I have about 1-month to make a serious dent in some work I want Continue reading →

My Honest Greenblender Review {$10 off Coupon}

Greenblender is a smoothie delivery service. Each week members are sent original recipes and pre-portioned ingredients to make healthy delicious smoothies at home. I gave Greenblender a try and this is my honest review. If you’d like to try Greenblender Smoothie Delivery Service then use code GBSAVE10 to save $10 off your first box. Greenblender Review Continue reading →

My Honest Blue Apron Review

Blue Apron is a meal delivery kit service that offers restaurant-style recipes you can make at home. They offer a nice variety of classic and eclectic meals. I tested out Blue Apron and this is my honest Blue Apron review. If you’d like to give Blue Apron a try here is a $50 off coupon Continue reading →

Weekly Meal Prep & Weigh-in {June 4th, 2018}

Hey there! I hope you’re having a great week. This week I really struggled with getting together a dinner meal plan. I don’t know, I just couldn’t find the inspiration. Typically, I’m craving a certain food for dinner but not this week. I was able to plan breakfast and lunch without problem. Often I order Continue reading →

Healthy Habits: 7 Best Ways to Make Weight Loss Habits Stick

I’m sure you know you’re not going to make big changes by continuing to do the same things over and over again. That’s the definition of insanity and one of the reasons it’s so frustrating to lose weight. Even though we don’t mean to, most of us try to lose weight without changing our habits. Continue reading →

Weight Loss Motivation: 6 Best Tips to Keep Your Mind in the Game!

I’ve said a million times in a million different ways – convincing your mind is half the battle with weight loss motivation. We all know we should exercise. Yes, of course, choosing an apple over fries (do people really do that) is the right thing to do. I (you) are completely aware of every little Continue reading →

6 Super Smart Ideas to Meal Plan and Meal Prep for 1-2 People!

One meal prep challenge I often hear about is how to plan and prep meals for a small family of 1-2 people. Today, I have some meal prep ideas and meal plan solutions that’ll help you see it’s actually a lot easier than you think. As you know, I think meal prep is one of the Continue reading →

6 Boss Weight Loss Tips To Stay on Track All Weekend

Staying on track with our weight loss goals is hard enough, now add in the weekends and it can seem downright impossible. There’s a million places to go and it seems every single one is filled with bad options. Maybe it’s a party with chips, dip, carbs, and drinks that are not water. Or your Continue reading →