Grilled Cheeseburger Wrap


Tonight I was in the mood for a burger. Not a turkey burger but a real juicy beef burger. The only problem was I did not want to eat it on a bun nor did I want to go over the top with calories.

Good thing I got inspired to make this absolutely scrumptious “you think this was takeout” grilled cheeseburger wrap. This wrap, at only 329 calories, is all the proof I need that I can still eat the foods I want without sacrificing taste for calories.

It was also a huge hit with my husband and kids. I ask my oldest “how was it?” and she said “Mommy it is better than you think.” That is all I need to give this recipe a permanent place in my weekly menu plan. 🙂


I know your family is going to love it just as much as mine.


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Grilled Cheeseburger Wrap
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Sandwiches
Cuisine: American
Serves: 5
  • 1 pound ground beef (I used 93/7 organic grass fed beef)
  • 1 tablespoon worcestershire sauce
  • 1 tablespoon ketchup
  • 1 tablespoon grated parmesan
  • 1 teaspoon dried onion flakes
  • ⅛ teaspoon pepper
  • ⅛ teaspoon salt
  • 5 100 calorie wraps (I use Flatout Wraps)
  • 5 slices american cheese (I use wegmans organic)
  • 2 roma tomatoes, sliced
  • 1 cup of romaine lettuce
  • Additional ketchup (optional)
  • Mustard (opti0nal)
  1. In a medium to large skillet coated with cooking spray cook the beef on medium till almost cooked through but still a little pink (about 7-10 minutes). Break beef up as it cooks.
  2. Add worcestershire, ketchup, grated parmesan, dried onion flakes, salt, and pepper to the beef. Mix together until thoroughly combined.
  3. Continue cooking until beef is cooked all the way through and is no longer pink.
  4. Turn on indoor grill to 350 or you can also use a grill plan.
  5. In the center of the wrap place a slice of cheese and ½ cup of the beef mixture. Add tomato and lettuce. Then if you are using , and I highly recommend you do, add some ketchup and mustard.
  6. Roll the wrap and place seam side down on grill. Once there are nice grill marks turn over. Grill for another 2-3 minutes then remove.
  7. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the rest of the wraps.
Freezer instructions: The beef mixture can easily be made ahead of time and frozen. Follow steps 1-3, cool slightly, then put into freezer bag or container for the freezer.
Reheating instructions: Take out night before or day off and thaw in the refrigerator. Warm up in microwave then follow steps 4 and 5.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 wrap Calories: 329 Fat: 15 Carbohydrates: 21 WW Points +: 8 Fiber: 9 Protein: 32

Special note: I love using my indoor grill to make these wraps. However, if you don’t have one that is fine. You can still enjoy these wraps without grilling them. I do not recommend using an outdoor grill because if the wraps come apart a little they may be hard to manage.

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  1. I was in the mood for a burger last night too. Love the wrap idea! I always have a problem with the bun falling apart anyways and it being too big once you stack everything to get it into your mouth. The wrap would solve those problems! My son likes to get his burger at In-N-Out wrapped in iceberg lettuce instead of a bun. Have you tried that?

  2. OMG, this looks delish! It’s 1130 here…time for lunch, methinks! Thanks for another great recipe!

  3. I am going to make these tonight!

  4. This looks delicious! Will be trying this week! I love that you include freezing instructions, as I love making make ahead meals!

  5. OMG this looks so good. I can’t wait to make this.

  6. These fit my two criteria – easy to make and the kid will love it. Thanks for the recipe!

  7. TeachNRun says:

    My 11 year old helped me make these tonight. We LOVED them 🙂 BTW: I use MFP too. So good!

  8. Just wanted to stop by and let you know I featured this recipe on my blog. I made these the other night and they were a total hit! We loved them and I will be putting this recipe in my regular rotation. Thanks so much!

  9. Wow, we had these for dinner last night and they were such a hit! I actually added a “big mac” sauce. Mixed 1 tbsp mayo, 1 tbsp ketchup, 1 tbsp of relish and onion flakes. Not a lot of added calories and fat as I split this over all of the wraps. Family LOVED it! Thanks so much.

  10. delicious love this type of food when on the go easy to take along

  11. What a FABULOUS idea! I don’t have an indoor grill like yours, but I’ve used my George Foreman Grill as a panini press before, and I think it will work for this too!

  12. Finally tried these tonight. They were a hit- even my kids (8 and 4) ate dinner. And my 4yr old was eating just the meat while I was making the wraps. Yay!

  13. This is fantastic!! Made with a side dish of Quinoa with Mushrooms… Yum 🙂

  14. Thanks for the recipe!! It’s easy, cheap, and tastes good – I liked it so much that I had to blog about it. 😉

  15. Made these tonight and they are very yummy!! Definitely curbed my craving for a burger. A little messy with the burger crumbles falling out the back, however I can fiddle with the tortilla size or filling amount next time. I didn’t try the lettuce and tomato grilled inside but now I wish I did! Next time…

    • Maybe try rolling it burrito style with the ends folded in. That seems to help me. I love this with the tomato and lettuce. I also love pickles and/or relish…mmmm.

  16. Alex Sgambato says:

    My girlfriend and I love this recipe. We’re not big on ground beef so we changed it to ground turkey or chicken and it still tastes awesome!!

  17. Kelly Griffith says:

    I just made these for supper and they were DELICIOUS!!! Great recipe…will for sure be making these again! 🙂

  18. Any suggestions for healthy side dishes to serve with this? I am trying to make a change to some healthier options for my family and I, including two kids (5 & 4). This looks delish! But instead of the normal french fries or chips… any other ideas? Maybe sweet potato oven baked fries?

    • This is a pretty hardy meal so I typically will serve a salad with it. However, sweet potato baked fries sound really good too! Let me know what you decide.

  19. I made these for supper tonight and they were a HUGE hit!!!!! YUMMY!!! 🙂

    • SO glad your family loved these! They are a favorite for us too. SOmetimes I take the meat and mix into a baked mac n cheese for hamburger mac n cheese. My girls love it!

  20. if you wanted to make them on a regular grill you could just wrap them in foil first so they would fall apart (I usually also do this on my george forman so I dont need to clean it when I’m done!)

  21. The whole fam loved these! Ty you so much!

  22. Hubby just found this and we made it for lunch today. It was delish, very filling and even my kids enjoyed it. Perfect substitute for fast food, especially if you already have the meat made ahead and waiting in the freezer!

  23. Made these tonite, awesome recipe! I tweeked it a little bit to fit my current diet plans and used ground turkey and also cooked the meat with half a chopped onion and chopped red bell peppers (would have added mushrooms but I was the only one in favor). Tip if you do this, lots of liquid will be in the pan after cooking the turkey, drain it well before you add the ketchup and worcestershire sauce so it holds together better! This will be a new go-to meal for me 🙂

  24. We loved this recipe. I used sun dried tomato wraps – 100 calories. We also added pickles to ours.

  25. Amanda Gibbs says:

    I found these on pintrest. I have to tell you it was amazing! I tweaked the ketchup/mustard/worcheshire sauce added extra because a friend said it was a little bland when she made hers. Perfect. I am so adding this to our 2 week rotation. Thanks for the recipe.

    • So glad you liked! This is def a family favorite for us too. My daughter also loved the hamburger meat mixed with homemade Mac n cheese.

  26. This site rules! I’m trying this out tomorrow yaay 🙂

  27. I’m so glad I cams across this! My boyfriend is such a picky eater but he loved them! I myself don’t like burgers that don’t fill the bun and I tend to pick off the excesses bread but I loved this idea!! Yummy! Thank you!

  28. Great recipe! I made these last night and they were a hit with my boys. I will definitely be making them again!

  29. Wow, I can’t believe how good this was! I made it exactly as directed and in my wrap used american cheese, ketchup, mustard and pickles and it tasted just like a cheese burger! I am going to make this again soon and quadruple it so I can freeze it for future meals! Thanks!!

  30. Betsy P. says:

    You could also try some variations – Like I’m thinking one with swiss cheese and mushrooms, or bacon and cheddar, or guacamole (or avacado) with salsa and sour cream… I can’t wait to try the base recipe and then some variations.

  31. Bernadette Knapik says:

    Thank you for all the recipes, been sharing them on my FB page. I always used flat outs too, but at Walmart I found Joseph’s Lavash Bread, it’s 100 cals if you eat the whole thing and it is actually bigger than a flat out, I love it and can’t say enough about it or your recipes, I am thrilled that a friend told me about you on FB! Your recipes make my day and hopefully will have others think about healthy and delicious alternatives! Thanks!

  32. I was just wondering if anyone knows the ww points for this wrap? Thank you so much!!!

  33. Great for cutting out some of the carbs in a Cheeseburger.

  34. This is great! I can’t wait to try. But, how do I avoid making the wrap soggy? I tend to fail at that aspect. Thanks!

    • If you have a grill pan spray it with a light coating of cooking spray. When they grill the wrap will slightly harden. They’re yummy!

  35. My husband & I made these last night and we thought they were amazing! My hubby insisted we had the leftovers for lunch today. Very quick, easy & low calorie. I’m glad we were snowed in with such a yummy treat. Thank you so very much for creating this yummy dish!

  36. Do these freeze well?

  37. I have a George Forman grill-that will work right? I’m not much of a cook so I want to make sure before I try it.

  38. Looks so yummy! Do you think you can assemble the wraps and all complete and then freeze? Or will it get mushy?

  39. These are soooo good and extremely easy to make. My whole family loves them!

  40. Just found this recipe the other day, and DH wanted these for his Father’s Day meal. (We are both doing WW.) Oh. My. Goodness. These are SO good! He loved it – my boys loved it – it’s a keeper! Totally hit the yummy hamburger spot. So thankful for your creativity!

  41. You grill them after you put lettuce and tomato on???

  42. Do you freeze with lettuce and tomato on it? I didn’t think that lettuce freezes well?

  43. delicious. my 3 yr old son loved it 🙂

  44. AWESOME!!! Even the hubby said let’s have it again…. good thing cuz there is an extra package in the freezer!!

  45. This recipe looks delicious! Have you ever tried cutting down the amount of beef and adding black beans to a hamburger (or taco meat) recipe? I have done it several times now, and my kids never noticed the difference (they loved it, actually!) It makes it healthier – cuts down on fat and adds fiber. I use canned black beans and drain all or most of the liquid, then put them in a chopper or my Ninja blender and add the mushed up beans into the ground beef before adding seasonings. You don’t have to add the whole can of beans – first time I did about half a can, last time I made it about 3/4 of the can. You also get more servings this way.

  46. Jami Whaley says:

    One of our “go to” recipes for busy nights. They are great prepared ahead of time and taken to the soccer field or on busy Wednesdays when we eat on the way to church. They are on the meal plan several times this month due to evening theatre rehearsals for one daughter. I’ve used ground turkey and they are just as delicious. I always watch for the BOGO sales on FlatOut wraps!


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