Make-ahead Meal Plan, Exercise Schedule, and Weigh In {September 21st, 2015}

Make-ahead meal plan, exercise schedule, and weigh in

Hey hey! Weekly meal plan time. I feel a little on the excited side. Not because I lost a huge amount of weight this week (boo) or have anything special to share, I just feel good and ready to start the week. I took time this weekend to play catch up with cleaning and organizing my home. I washed and folded all the laundry, scrubbed the bathroom and kitchen, organized dance bags for the week, tackled the insane amount of papers that come home from school, did some light grocery shopping, and prepped food. It was a very productive weekend and I feel accomplished. Not a glamorous weekend but I am sure you can all appreciate the feelings of peace when your home doesn’t feel like a couple bombs went off. Trust me, I am not Type A by any means and probably have one too many “junk” drawers but trying my best to maintain a organized home keeps my stress level down during the week and allows me to focus on other things. For example, working on Organize Yourself Skinny. I can give so much more attention to all you beautiful people when my laundry is put away and food is prepped.

Enough with the laundry talk, let’s talk about my weight.



SW: 177

GW: 130

LWW: 149

CW: 148.5

PL: -.5

Now I know this week only shows a .5 weight loss and my weight has stay between 147 – 149 for the last year or so but….I feel great. I am still running 3 miles a day. Truthfully, I did miss 2 days but I bounced right back. And let me just say the 2 days I didn’t run I noticed a huge difference in my energy and focus. Running is my therapy. It truly is. When I run and listen to music I feel like a completely different person.

Also, my body is starting to feel leaner. I know the scale isn’t showing a weight loss but my jeans and the way I feel in clothes are starting to feel different. Exercise for me is never easy. I am not someone who wakes up excited to work out. However, when I finally do push myself to exercise I always feel amazing. In fact, I can’t think of one workout I regretted. The key is to remember that when I am lazy and want to choose the couch over my treadmill. #thestruggleisreal

Don’t think I forgot about strength training. Trust me, I know toning is very important to sculpting out bods and keeping our metabilsm burning on all cylendars throughout the day. At 40 years old I need all the metabolism burning help I can get. I try to get my toning routine in after my run but lately I am such a sweaty hog mess all I want to do is get into the shower. Starting this week, I am incorportating this bedtime toning routine into my exercise schedule 4-5 times a week. If I can make toning before bedtime a habit that sticks then I should be good to go with my exercise routine. I will keep you posted.

Now let’s chat about food. If I want to see the scale go down more than a ½ a pound every week then I need to control my food. Basically, food is where it’s at. I can run till my legs fall off but if I am not controlling my food then guess what? It doesn’t matter. Of course, I don’t want to deprive myself either. However, I think there is a big difference between deprivation and discipline. Deprivation would be saying I am never having a café mocha ever again and then sweating everytime I drive past starbucks because I despertly want one. We all know this does not work for me. Sooner or later I will give in. I have a weakness for certain things in life and chocolate is one of them. Anyway, instead of taking my beloved café mochas off the table I need to discipline myself. This simply means controlling when I will have a mocha. For example, every Saturday could be my café mocha day. This way I know I will still get to enjoy my café mocha while also having something to look forward too. Yes I need rewards.

I am going off on tangents today. I had a point with my mocha discussion. Basically, what I am trying to say is I need to get my “extras” under control. I do great with the meal plan you see below. It’s the “extras” that push my calories and fat over the limit.

Here is my meal plan for the week. As always, you can find it over on Plan to Eat. I save all my weekly meal plans over on Plan to Eat. They call them menus. If you subscribe, and we are PTE friends (username organizeyourselfskinny), you can view all of my menus, make changes if needed, and print out grocery lists. Remember they offer a free 30-day trial so if you are on the fence just give them a try for 30-days and see what you think. Also, if you have a PTE friend request into me and it hasn’t been accepted please be patient. I received a ton of requests this month and trying to accept them all. I promise I will get to yours soon. If its been a couple weeks and you still haven’t heard from me please resend it or shoot me an email [email protected]. Thanks so much for your patience. One of these days I will get an assistant, and a housekeeper, and a nanny, and a…café mocha runner..haha Ok maybe I will just start with an assistant. Or just dream of one.


Plan to Eat

My meal plan


Peach raspberry super food smoothie

Make ahead tips

  • Smoothies will be made each morning. If I get motivated and have time I might make a few batches to stick in the freezer. You can see my smoothie freezer instructions here.


Greek Turkey “no bread” roll ups


Pumpkin Spice Steel Cut Oats

Make ahead tips

  • Turkey roll ups will be made the day I eat them.
  • I prepared and froze the pumpkin spice steel cut oats into portions last week.


Kale and Sausage Soup (homemade Zuppa Toscana)

Chicken Quesadillas

Buffalo Chicken Subs

Turkey Meatball Subs

Turkey Ranch Club Wraps

Make ahead tips

  • I prepared the soup on Saturday and stored it in the refrigerator.
  • Chicken quesadillas, buffalo chicken subs, and turkey meatball subs are all in the freezer. You can see freezer instructions for these recipes in my back to school freezer post.
  • Bacon for the clubs will be made at some point this week and stored in the refrigerator.

Meal planning has made a huge difference in helping me lose weight. It keeps me focused, intentional, and organize with the foods I eat. You can read all about this weight loss strategy and the others I use in my new ebook, Organize Yourself Skinny: 5 Strategies to Help Busy People Lose Weight and Create a Healthier Lifestyle. I also include a free bonus 4 week make ahead meal plan with purchase! If you are a blogger check out my affiliate program.

Also, check out our monthly make-ahead meal plan, exercise challenge, and habit challenge package! We got all kinds of great products to keep you focused on your weight loss goals!

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