Make-ahead Meal Plan, Exercise Schedule, and Weekly Goals {June 12th, 2017}

Make-ahead Meal Plan, Exercise Schedule, and Weekly Goals June 12th, 2017

Hey hey! I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I shared a weekly meal plan. I’m sorry for being MIA but I had to buckle down and finish up the Organize Yourself Skinny Online Course. It had to get done! I tried for months to balance keeping up with the blog and finishing up the course but it wasn’t working. So in May I handed the reigns over to my amazing assistant and writers and focused solely on getting the course done.

Well I did it.

The Organize Yourself Skinny Ecourse is done! The first round of students joined the course and I’m completely blown away by the positive response. I put my heart and soul into this course and so happy everyone loves it. The feedback has been amazing and students are already seeing results!


Here are some of the comments:

From Kelly – “Today is my one week OYS anniversary, I celebrated by getting on the scale to a 4.1 pound WEIGHT LOSS!!! Woohoooo!! Thank you Tammy and everyone in this group!! You have helped me do this!!! So excited for another week of learning what it takes to organize myself skinny!!!! I haven’t even scratched the surface yet! I HAVE been religious about tracking, I have made my detox Smoothie 2 times now, I split it in half and drink it. :). I have made a few of the recipes and loved them! I have also been walking, the weather has been wonderful for that! I plan to work on more modules and meal planning!! I feel the slower I go with changes the better it is so I don’t get overwhelmed! I’m off to go for a walk before my first pet sit of the day! 😍. Thank you all again! 👏👏👏”

From Dawn – “Today is the day I begin my last weight loss journey!! I’m embarrassed by how many times I’ve lost and gained weight in my life. The email Tammy sent yesterday could have been written about me!! Wanting to lose weight but not having a real plan that fit my life! I am halfway through the e-course, and this program speaks to me like no other. I just became a grandma and I want to be fit and healthy for this new season in my life, and for the rest of my life!!”

From Cindy – “Does anyone feel like Tammy is in your head when she is talking? It’s like she knows exactly how I feel and think. Thank you for these modules! Module 5, lesson 3 has really spoken to me!”

From Laura – “I bought the e-course and have finished through module 2. I have done so many weight loss groups and courses I thought that I really knew it all. But Tammy has really delivered. You have given me things to really think about. Thanks for the course! I love it! I love your colors and graphics as well. Great job Tammy! I am looking forward to putting my new actions and habits into my life!”

I’m so proud of this course!! So proud! You can learn more about the OYS Online Course and all the bonuses here. If you think it’s a good fit, and decide to purchase, then use code GETSTARTED at checkout to get $30 off! Purchase the course here.

Okay let’s get back to my weekly meal plan!

Actually, let’s talk about my weigh-in first. I’m experiencing something different with my weight lately. I’m not seeing big results on the scale but my clothes are fitting differently.

This week my weight stayed the same as it was a month ago buuuut I finally fit back into a size 6 pair of pants that I haven’t worn in well over a year.

Here’s my weight.

Starting weight (October 2017): 177

First goal weight: 145

Final goal weight: 135

Last weigh in: 153

This week’s weigh in: 153

Here’s me in the size 6 pants.

Here are my thoughts. I’ve completely cut wine out of my diet. Not that I was a big wino buuut the extra glasses of vino on the weekend was causing a problem with my waistline. Now if I go out I bring 1-2 of the 100 calorie sparkling water alcohol drinks or I just drink water. This has helped immensely. I even offered to be the DD when I went to the Jason Aldean concert with my friends. Again, I’m not a big drinker anyway so cutting back was not a big adjustment for me. I still had a great time at the concert.

Here’s my boyfriend Mike and I! We had a lot of fun.

Also, I’ve been very disciplined with exercise. I run 3-5 times during the week on the treadmill and go for 4-5 miles walks on weekend when I can. The one thing I need to get better with is strength-training. I have every intention to do toning exercises after I run but I haven’t been consistent. That’s something I’m going to focus more on this week.

The last thing that’s made a big difference with reducing my stomach bloat is drinking smoothies and lots of water. Again, I’ve been very disciplined with this. Even when I don’t feel like a smoothie I still drink it because I feel so much better.

With all that said, I’m just gonna keep doing what I’m doing. I might not see the results on the scale but I definitely see results in the way my clothes are fitting and the how my body looks. Plus, I feel amazing.

My exercise schedule this week is:

Monday – Thursday: 45 minutes on the treadmill. 10 minutes power-walking, 20 minutes running at 4.3 at a 2 inline, 10 minute power walk at a 5-7 incline, 5 minute cool down.

I’m going to try and take a long walk on Saturday too.

Toning exercises Tuesday – Friday.

Here’s my meal plan.

My meal plan includes a bunch of new recipes I was testing for the blog today. I’m writing them up and will scheduled them for this month. Also, I plan to stock my freezer with breakfast burritos, smoothie kits, and oatmeal.  I meant to do this today but ran out of time and energy so I’ll take care of it tomorrow


Detox Smoothie 

Make-ahead tips

  • Kits will be made tomorrow.

Morning snack

Hard-boiled egg and cheese stick

  • Hard-boiled eggs will be made tomorrow


Low-carb burrito bowl

Make-ahead tips

  • Recipe was made today and stored in the refrigerator using meal prep containers.

Afternoon snack

Raw almonds

Greek yogurt and strawberries


Asian peanut shrimp bowls

Chicken meatball parmesan

Buffalo shrimp salad

Make-ahead tips

  • Asian shrimp and chicken meatballs were made today and stored in the refrigerator using meal prep containers.
  • Buffalo shrimp will be made tomorrow

My goals this week is get ready for summer vacation. My kids are home starting next week and I need to be prepared. I plan to get my freezer stocked with breakfast burritos, pizza kits, taco kits, quesadilla kits, marinated chicken breast, and other foods for the grill. I also want to get ahead of the game with work so I can take time off and actually relax by the pool.

Have a great week!

Don’t forget to check out the Organize Yourself Skinny ecourse. Use code GETSTARTED at checkout to get $30 off.


  1. H Fourman says:

    Where are the recipes for your menu this week?

  2. Kristen says:

    Could I possibly love this ANY more?! No, I could not. Seriously thank you so much for all of this awesomeness. I am a crazy busy single mom and I am drowning in a big way…you are my new guru!!!
    Kristen L

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