Stitch Fix Review: My Honest Experience!

Stitch Fix is an online styling service where a personal stylist picks 5 items (clothing or accessories) that fit your preferences and budget. These items then get delivered right to your door. If you’ve been on the fence then read my Stitch Fix review below. I will give you a honest (and unapologetic) review of my experience. Then you can decided whether or not Stitch Fix would work for you. If you’re ready to schedule a fix click here.

Honest Stitch Fix Review

**This post contains affiliate links. I will receive a small commission if you decide to use Stitch Fix. However, this is my completely honest review and you are by no means obligated to use my links. If you do thanks so much for supporting my site.

Stitch Fix Review

I’m so excited to share this Stitch Fix review with you. I know you’re probably wondering why on earth I would post about Stitch Fix when Organize Yourself Skinny is about healthier habits and losing weight. Let me explain.

If you don’t want to read my entire Stitch Fix review then click here to get your first fix scheduled.

Prior to losing weight my style was quite bad and not really a style at all. I lived in stretchy pants, sweatshirts, and I’m positive I broke the record for the number of plain black, grey, and brown tops a person can own. I never branched out beyond basic and comfortable.

Also, I kept clothes FOREVER. Most of my outfits were faded, worn out, and just plain old.

Here’s a good example of “my style” back in the day. I mean really? What was I thinking? Ugh!

After losing weight, my entire world shifted. Of course, I felt healthier and had tons more energy but I developed a confidence that I never expected. I loved being able to slip on a pair of jeans with ease, to comfortably wear a dress without spanx, and most importantly I enjoyed clothes shopping again. For the first time, in a long time, I could walk into any store and feel confident trying on clothes. Everything looked great and I started to create a style beyond black and baggy.

For the most part, I’ve done good picking out new clothing for myself. I’ve stayed away from all stretchy waist pants and never purchase basic t-shirts anymore. I love adding detail with accessories and even have a nice modest shoe collection.

But here’s the thing, I’m not a fashion forward type of person. So even though I have more style than I did 6-7 years ago I still often fall back into old clothing habits. It’s not that I don’t like stylish clothing (I do!) it’s just I don’t know what to buy, how to put outfits together, or have the time to search through the mall. For these reasons I haven’t shopped a lot in the last year or so. I’ll buy tops or jeans every now and then but nothing major.

In the last couple months I noticed my wardrobe was in desperate need of an update. Like I said earlier, I tend to keep items for YEARS and as I went through my closet I pulled out clothing that’s been in my closet for over 5 years.

Instead of going to the mall I decided to give the online personal styling website Stitch Fix a try. I wanted to elevate my style and thought this would be a great way to do so.

Let me quickly explain what Stitch Fix is and then I’ll share my experience.

Honest stitch fix review

Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service. A personal stylist works with you to pick out 5 items based on your style and budget. After the box is put together it’s mailed out and arrives at your doorstep.

You pay a $20 styling fee and that money is credited towards any items you purchase. If you choose to purchase all 5 items then you receive 25% off the total price along with the $20 styling fee credit. So there’s potential to get a great deal on stylish clothing.

After signing up you fill out a style profile. My advice is to be as specific as possible. This is where you’re going to communicate with the stylist about your size, how you like clothing to fit, and the styles you like. In my experience, it’s more important to tell the stylist the things you don’t want or like. Don’t leave room for interpretation. If you hate cheetah print then say it. Also, don’t lie about your weight and size. I know we all want to be a smaller jean size but the last thing you want is to get a box filled with clothing that doesn’t fit.

The style profile is also the place where you’ll set a budget for each item. You can choose between “the cheaper the better” all the way up to 200+ for each item. Items will be chosen based on the budget you set.

honest stitch fix review

There are also spots to write notes to your stylist. My advice is to use communicate as much as you can. If you don’t want dresses then say “no dresses” if you prefer longer tops with skinny jeans then say it. Use those spots to be as specific as you can.

If you don’t want to read my entire Stitch Fix review then click here to get your first fix scheduled.

After you get the clothes you have 3 days to try everything on and return the items you don’t like. Stitch Fix sends you a postage page envelop to make returns super easy.

Your box will include the clothing (wrapped up nicely), a postage paid envelope, a style sheet with the items sent and outfit suggestions, and the pricing sheet. Your stylist also writes a cute note with comments and outfit suggestions. The stylists at Stitch Fix do work hard making this a personal experience.

After you decided whether or not to keep the clothing you’ll need to check out on the Stitch Fix website. During this process you check whether or not you’re keeping the clothing and then provide more feedback. This is your opportunity to give thoughts on the style, fit, quality, and price. There’s also a notes section to provide even more feedback. Again, the more feedback given the better your future Stitch Fixes will be.

Again, if you keep all 5 items you’ll get a 25% discount on your entire purchase and a credit for the $20 styling fee. If you purchase 1 -4 items you’ll only receive the $20 credit.

Last, you can schedule fixes on demand or set up automatic shipments.

If you don’t want to read my entire Stitch Fix review then click here to get your first fix scheduled.

Okay, let’s talk about my Stitch Fix experience.

Last year I tested out Stitch Fix and was disappointed. I received 3 boxes and each one missed the mark. The boxes included accessories that costs way too much money and clothing that didn’t fit my lifestyle. I really wanted Stitch Fix to work for me but after the 3rd box I said forget it.

Well a couple months ago one of my girlfriends was posting super cute outfits she received in her fix so I decided to give Stitch Fix another chance.

Before I scheduled my 4th fix I decided to go over my profile and make some changes. I requested my stylist not send any accessories. I can get cute necklaces and earrings much cheaper at Khols, Target, and other stores. I requested only tops and denim because as a work at home blogger that’s all I need. I went through my profile and carefully answered each section and used up every character in the notes section.

Once your fix is schedule there’s an additional section to leave a note for your stylist. Again, I used pretty much every character giving as many details as possible.

When my 4th Stitch Fix came I was so excited. Honestly, it was like Christmas!

I opened it up and was happy. Quite honestly, I was a little relieved too.  Like I said, I really want Stitch Fix to work for me. I love the idea of elevating my style with the help of a personal stylist.

Here’s what I got in my 4th fix.

Pixley Emillija Lattice Trim Knit Halter Top – $44

Realm Ilene Distressed Released Hem Skinny Jean – $58

I loved both of these items. I know my goal is to stay away from black but this top was classy and looked great on so I was fine with it. I thought the prices were good too.

Pixley Georgio Braided Neckline Halter Knit Top – $44

I loved this top too. The detail around the neckline is what sold me. I thought the price was good too.

Heartloom Marlee Embroidered Top – $54

I loved the color of this top but did not like the style and fit. It is way to short! I like longer tunic-style tops. However, I kept this one because it was cheaper to keep all 5 pieces with the discount then to choose a couple. I did make sure to write this in the notes section when I checked out. I gave this top to my daughter who can pull off a crop-like top way better than me.

FYI the sandals are from Payless. Haha!

Papermoon Mensier Spagetti Strap Top – $38

I love the color and print of this top.While I do like the look of spaghetti strap tops it’s really hard for me to wear them. I’m busty (D-cup) and absolutely have to wear a bra so with this top I had to wear a white tank top underneath. I still thought it was cute, and a good price, so I kept it.

Overall, my 4th Stitch Fix was a success. I paid $189 after the 25% discount for everything. I left feedback for every piece.

Since I had a good experience with my 4th fix I scheduled a 5th fix right away. I wanted to fill my closet with a few more pieces.

If you don’t want to read my entire Stitch Fix review then click here to get your first fix scheduled.

Here’s what I received in my 5th Stitch Fix.

Q & A Kensignton Embroidered Blouse – $58

Liverpool Kay Skinny Jean – $78

When I first saw this top I didn’t think I was going to like it at all. I wasn’t sure about the color and style. However, as soon as I put it on I loved it. The color popped and it looked great with my skin tone. I also loved the white jeans. The fabric was soft and stretchy. I loved the way the denim fit. Also, my boyfriend loved this outfit. He absolutely loves me in color so this outfit was a favorite. I kept both items.

Papermoon Mauna Kimono – $38

I was on fence about this Kimono but ultimately decided to send it back. I thought it was cute but I couldn’t get past the paisley pattern, it was too much for me. As much as I wanted to like it I knew I would never wear this. I sent it back.

Daniel Rainn Bolivar Lace Detail Tunic – $68

Kut From The Kloth Simmons Bootcut Jean – $88

I wasn’t completely sure about this top when I first looked at it, but like the mustard color blouse, when I tried it on I loved it. It’s a little fancier than I would normally purchase but I thought it look great with the bootcut jeans and would be perfect for a night out to dinner with my boyfriend. I absolutely loved the bootcut jeans and wanted so bad to keep them however they were too long. Even with heals I couldn’t make these work. So I sent the jeans back and will have to search out another pair.

I was bummed to send back the kimono and denim because I wanted the 25% discount but I still got the $20 styling fee credit. But again I gave a ton of feedback for all the items in this fix.

I decided to go for my 6th Stitch Fix. Honestly, I can see how these can get addicting, it’s so exciting to get a surprise in the mail. Unfortunately, I was disappointed in my 6th fix. I was expecting my stylist to be totally in tune with my style by now but I thought there were huge misses in this fix.

Moon & Sky Elaina Tie Detail Dress – $74.00

This dress was horrible! First of all it was a size medium and fit like an extra small. I couldn’t even zip it up which is why there’s no picture of me in it. Second the style was hideous. Plus I’m a work at home blogger, where the heck am I going to wear this. I told my stylist that I work from home and to build my wardrobe with nice tops and denim. I don’t know maybe she thought I needed a dress but I hated it. This was a huge miss. It was sent back.


Daniel Rainn Carmelli Tie tassel Crochet Neckline Knit Top – $64

Realm Kylee Skinny Jean in Burgundy – $64

Let’s start with the jean. At first I wasn’t crazy about wearing colored denim but I want to keep an open mind. I tried the jeans on and loved them. The fabric is super soft, stylish, and very comfy. My stylist gave some shoe suggestions that were helpful. I decided to keep these.

The top is cute but looks too conservative for me. It also reminded me of something I would wear when I worked in an office. Plus, it was too expensive, $64 for a top is more than I want to spend. Also, I didn’t think it was very figure flattering. I want tops that give a little room in the waist area but still show I have a figure. This top got sent back.

Daniel Rainn Bil Woven Underlay Knit Top – $58

This top was cute and more flattering than the other but there was something about it I didn’t like. I felt like I would wear this more to an office than out to dinner with friends. I didn’t love it so it went back.

Cupcakes and Cashmere Awmie Scoop Neck Dolan Knit Top – $94

Okay I loved this top and it pained me to send it back but seriously $94 for a knit top is outrageous. Not sure if my stylist thought I hit the lotto but I could not justify purchasing this top. In the notes section I wrote that I would love for her to find me a cheaper version of this top for a future fix.

The only item I kept in this fix were the jeans, everything else I sent back. Overall, my 6th fix was a disappointment. But I decided to schedule one more fix for the month to give Stitch Fix a chance to redeem themselves.

To help them learn from their mistakes I updated all the notes with specific feedback on the items I like and don’t like. I made sure my profile states no dresses, shoes, or accessories. I also added that I would like 2 pairs of denim and 3 shirts in my fix preferably to come to under $230 after discount.

Also, I started to add pictures of styles I like to a Stitch Fix pinterest board I created. Stitch Fix suggests you do this and even provide a spot in the profile section to add a link to the board. This is a great way to communicate to your stylist the type of outfits you’re looking for.

Overall, I really like using Stitch Fix. Even though I haven’t kept all the items sent to me I’ve found it really helpful as I add more style to my wardrobe. Some of those pieces I would’ve never picked out on my own but because I kept an open mind I’m definitely starting to feel more confident in my style.

If you’ve recently lost weight and are ready to start building a new wardrobe I highly recommend starting with Stitch Fix. Working with a stylist can be just thing you need to think outside the box and elevated your style. Even if you don’t order fixes on a regular basis doing it once in awhile might be all that’s needed to keep your style fresh.

If  you found my Stitch Fix review helpful and you’re ready to start your first fix click here.

Here are some final tips to get a great Stitch Fix:

Take your time filling out the profile section and answer all questions honestly.

Your stylist reviews you profile before putting together every fix so keep it updated. Be specific about the things you want and don’t want. If you don’t want dresses, shoes, or coats then make sure to check that. If you want animal prints then make that known. If you like certain styles or cuts make sure the stylist would know that from reading your profile. Also, don’t leave the notes section blank. Use those spaces to give specifics on what you like and don’t like.

Leave lots of feedback

Stitch fix stylists are not mind readers. Don’t just say “I hate this top” give specifics. Say something like “the bell sleeves or the tie on the front of the dress is not my style. Or I don’t like short dresses”. Even when you like an item makes sure to tell them exactly what you like about it. Did you like the length, cut, detail, etc. Don’t leave things open for interpretation. If you feel strongly about something, good or bad, make it known. The more feedback a stylist gets, the more they get to know you, the better the fix is.

Create a Pinterest board

This is where you can really communicate with your Stitch Fix stylist. Not only can you share outfits but you can write notes in the description about what you like and don’t like. For my upcoming fix I’m putting more outfit examples with lots of feedback. Like I’ve said numerous times I want successful Stitch Fixes so I’m doing all I can on my end to make that happen. Look for other Stitch Fix reviews in the future.

If you have any questions about Stitch Fix go ahead and leave them in the comments. If you’re ready to get started on your first fix then click here. I hope you found my Stitch Fix Review helpful in making your decision in giving them a try.

**This post contains affiliate links. I will receive a small commission if you decide to use Stitch Fix. However, this is my completely honest review and you are by no means obligated to use my links. If you do thanks so much for supporting my site.


  1. Dana Renard says:

    I too lost about 50lbs since last November. I felt I needed someone to help me find new styles. PLus I had my daughters wedding at the end of July and needed some help gathering all the right clothing for the week of events leading up to the wedding. Stitch Fix did a great job. My experiences have been similar to yours even down to the burgundy jeans. I am going to keep at it because both my daughters have been telling me how cute I look now. Keep up the great work. I have. Even following your blog during my weight loss and it has helped!

    • That awesome! Congrats. Agree I got tons of compliments wearing the outfits Stitch Fix sent and it’s nice to know I have nicer items to pull from when I’m heading out.

  2. I gave Stitch Fix a try a couple years ago. Same thing happened to me: at first, the stylist was doing an awesome job; sending me pieces I normally wouldn’t pick out myself, but looked great on. After about 3-4 fixes, it all went downhill. For some reason, my stylist changed & she just couldn’t get things right. I quit getting boxes & haven’t gotten any since. After reading your post, I am intrigued to try again, yet kinda nervous too. HAHAHAHA!!!!!

    • I know! I really hope this next fix is good! I’m want Stitch Fix to work for me because I don’t shop on my own very often and need help stepping out of my comfort zone.

  3. Nikki Bishop says:

    I’ve been using StitchFix nonstop for over 4 years, just got fix #53. Not every fix is going to be 100% my recommendation is to continue to make notes on the items and be clear about what you don’t like.

    Even if I send everything back, which has happened at least 15 times, it’s still exciting to get the box each month and well worth the $20 styling fee.

  4. Firstly, you look fab. The kimomo looked awesome on you but i understand how one can feel overwhelmed by patterns. Stitch Fix has helped me overcome some of that.

    My recommendation to anyone that uses SF is to request any stylist that nails a selection for you. It’s definitely hit or miss depending on the person, so if you find a good one, ask for them in the future.

  5. Can I ask what you put down for the price range? I am on the fence of doing Stitch Fix but without having any reference of pricing, I would have to put down ‘cheapest as possible’.

    • I put down $50 – $100…but I might change that to cheap as possible. However, I did tell my stylist that I want 3 tops and 2 denim in my next fix and don’t want the total price over $250…which is still a little pricy but I’m using stitch fix for key nice pieces. We’ll see how it works out.

  6. Very good blog! I’m awaiting my 3rd Fix now.
    First time I kept 2 pieces; both fit like a glove!
    I’m 5’9 138 lbs slim and usually sleeves and pants length too short. My stylist gets an A+
    I agree how important it is to give feedback. I requested the same stylist again. The 2nd time I only kept a very stylish leather purse. A pair of stretchy boot cut jeans were a perfect fit but the price was not at $85. The tops were too plain so they were returned. Looking forward to my next surprise box! Have fun ladies!

  7. I tried Stitchfix, got my first box in July loved everything. Waiting on my next one. I hate shopping and taking the time to do it and I love getting goodies in the mail 😊😊😊

  8. You look absolutely fantastic in your outfits and I agree with all of your choices but I wish you would have kept the kimono, it looked great on you! This is the first time I’m seeing your blog, you’ve gained a new follower and I might even try Stitch Fix too!

  9. This was so interesting to read! I’ve considered trying Stitch Fix, but have such trouble finding clothes that fit (bottoms, particularly), that I HAVE to try things on; I probably try on 25 pairs of pants for every one I buy. (Actually I have no idea my ratio of try:buy, I just know that pants shopping is a dreaded chore.) It would pain me to pay the styling fee and have to send things back!! I’d love to see the Pinterest board you created. Will you share that link? I thought you looked great in what they sent and also liked the kimono on you!

  10. I have those same Kut from the Kloth jeans that you returned due to the length. I had mine hemmed, LOVE the jeans, super comfy. I agree, not everything will be a homer, but I love not having to go shopping and love when the box arrives.

  11. Leah Sherritt says:

    Wow. My experience is totally the opposite of yours. Notes to “my” stylist: no denim. No jeans. Guess what I got- box after box with at least 1 set of denim and or jeans. I received a really prettying dress but sent it back because I had no need for it. Got it back the following shipment. And then again a couple of months later. I think it is s great plan but bad employees and managers have sunk this ship for me

  12. I’ve gotten one ok Fix and the second wasn’t mine. Wrong clothes in my box. I wonder about quality control in shipping. Giving them another chance, but can’t recommend at this time. Still like the idea as I hate to shop.

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