6 Tips to Get Back on Track With Your Weight Loss Goals

6 tips (that actually work) to get back on track with your weight loss goals


Did you know that we are now 2 weeks into the New Year? That means it has been  a couple short weeks since we announced our New Years Resolutions. Whether it was to lose weight, save money, or get more organized most of us (if not all) committed to some kind of change.

Unfortunately, the comfort of old habits may have found their way back into our busy lives and resolutions are quickly being forgotten. I truly believe that resolutions are made with the best of intentions but as we all know change is never easy – no matter what that infomercial tells you.


So, how’s it going? Are you still plugging along or has the little engine that could run out of steam.

If you are still on track, and making progress, towards your healthy lifestyle and weight loss goals then keep it going. You made a plan, found your groove, and that is awesome!

However, if you are struggling or feel like you want to throw in the towel then this post is for you. Actually, this post is for all of you because I am sure at some point we all find ourselves in a place where were just want to give up.

I am here, as the Organize Yourself Skinny Cheerleader, to say DON”T GIVE UP!

Working your way towards healthier weight loss habits is not easy. Think about it, most of us are trying to break years – decades – of bad habits. This is not a simple task. It is a lifelong process that has it ups and downs. There are times when we are right on track and everything is going perfect. Then life, for whatever reason, will put the breaks on and we find ourselves regressing back to habits that we find familiar and comforting.

Accept that change is hard but not impossible. Some days will be effortless and other days you will have to push yourself a little harder. Then there will be the days you just lounge on the couch with a bowl of ice cream and watch Food Network for 10 hours – not that I have ever done that.

The key is to recognize and take responsibility when you make the wrong choices so you can learn from them. Don’t punish yourself. Always, take every experience as a learning one. The more you learn about your habits, flaws, and strengths the more you can craft your days to make better healthier choices.

Whatever you do don’t ever give up. Tell yourself right now that giving up is not an option!

How to Get Yourself Back on Track With Healthy Eating and Weight Loss

Here are a few tips for when you find yourself discouraged and ready to give up.

#1 Start over.

Basically, what I mean by starting over is to first assess and acknowledge where you’re at (aka. get on the scale), make a commitment to change, then do a food overhaul. These eye opening three steps usually will create a spark of motivation to lead you onward towards the next steps. You can read about all the steps I took in my weight loss journey here. Also, I find that going back to read books that made an impact on my lifestlye changes helps. Two books that made an impact were Food Matters: A Guide to Conscious Eating and Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think. Both were very thought provoking. Getting back to these basic always helps me when I am losing stamina and focus. Also, check out my ebook Organize Yourself Skinny. I lay out all the strategies I use, give action plans, and even provide a bonus 4-week make-ahead meal plan.

#2 Get yourself back on track with a plan.

If you haven’t noticed I am kind of obsessed with plans. I am not speaking of the plan that floats are around in our heads. No, I am referring to the well thought out written down plan. In my experience, nothing gives me more peace with chaos than a to-do list. I am not kidding. Whenever I feel overwhelmed and not sure where to start I always write out a to-do list. To go along with my to-do list is my menu plan – which is a must in my house. Think of your weekly to-do list and menu plan as your road map for the week. When you get busy and can’t think straight all you need to do is take a look at your plans for direction.

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#3 Focus on preparing your foods ahead of time. Most of the time when I get off track with food it is because I have not prepared my meals in advance. Having healthy foods ready to eat will help so much in your effort to lose weight. I am not saying you need to do a full blown freezer cooking session. Just making a few meals and snacks for the week will make a difference.

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#4 Give yourself permission to take a break. Most of time we find ourselves leaning towards bad habits when we are stressed and overwhelmed. It is ok, and even beneficial, to take some time for yourself to regroup and relax.

#5 Recognize the progress you have made. Whether it is 1 pound or 40 lbs progress is progress. In my opinion, there is nothing more motivating than seeing the results of your hard work.

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#6 Dig deep and challenge yourself. I know when we are ready to give up challenging ourselves may seem impossible. However, I think it is the perfect time to find out what we are made of. When it comes right down to it change starts with us…period. No book, seminar, workshop, infomercial, blog, or person can change our lives if we are not willing to do the work.

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  1. I want to be a new me. I want to loose 15 to 20 lbs. I’m 146.

  2. Way off track. Had lost 70#, have gained back 6. I want to get back on track before the scale moves back into the 200s. Struggling.

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