My Weight Loss Story

The Weight Gain

During my years as a college student, the flexible schedule allowed me to have an active lifestyle of working out between classes during the day and then waiting tables at night.  I could enjoy going out to eat and eat the foods I loved, without being concerned about gaining weight.

Soon the college life ended and the real world began. I traded in the restaurant apron for a computer and desk, causing my vigorous lifestyle to come to a screeching and sedentary halt.

Soon after, I became a mom and went back to work.  I quickly learned the work and home life balancing act on little to no sleep. The chaos of working motherhood only added to the unhealthy habits I acquired through my newly founded sedentary life. The result of these habits was a weight gain of 60 pounds in 12 years!

This is me at around 170 pounds.This was me at around 170 pounds.

Always hiding behind kids or objects thinking that would minimize my weight. Wrong!

Here is another one of me hiding behind my kids for pictures. I never wanted the full me to be photographed.

It is clear my weight issues back then were the result of eating too many calories, making poor food choices, a very sedentary lifestyle and not making health a priority.

The Light Bulb Moment

In October 2010, a colleague introduced me to the free online food journal My Fitness Pal.  Immediately upon using this tool I recognized the extent of my nutrition and calorie ignorance. The first day I began to record my eating habits, I ate as I normally would in order to get an accurate read on the number of calories I was consuming.  The shocking result was I had consumed 3000 calories in one day without even trying!

Everything I thought I knew about food was either skewed or completely wrong. This realization was very liberating because it was at that point I knew I had no one else to blame but myself and the power to change was in my hands.

Slow and Steady

I did not gain the weight overnight and I knew the weight would not disappear overnight.  My weight loss plan needed to be a slow and steady process.  I knew that my lifestyle change had to be a natural process that could fit into my schedule in order to be sustainable over time.  I learned from past experiences that taking drastic measures or looking for quick fix gimmicks would only lead to failure in the long run.  As a working mother and wife, embracing a healthy life style change was the most effective option that would lead to permanent weight loss.

I found these genuine concepts that have proven to be the foundation to my weight loss and healthy eating strategy.


This is me at 146 pounds! Woot woot! Even though I still have about 20 pounds left to go to reach my goal weight I feel FABULOUS! No more hiding for this mama!

Weight Maintenance

At the start of my weight loss journey, losing 50-60 pounds seemed like such a mountain to climb. The first two weeks were the hardest because I had to work hard to break 12 years of unhealthy habits. Little by little, as the weight came off, it got easier and I realized losing weight is the easy part.  Maintaining this healthy lifestyle forever will be the challenge. Temptation is everywhere and, let’s be honest, it’s easier to be fat.  A healthy lifestyle takes continuous effort, education and dedication.  Once you make health a priority for you and your family, making healthy choices becomes much easier.

This is me getting ready to tackle those last 20 pounds and a life of healthy eating and weight maintenance! Join me!

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