5 Reasons You May Be Struggling to Lose Weight

5 Reasons You May Be Struggling to Lose weight

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Losing weight is no easy task.  The weight takes a lot longer and a lot more work to come off than it took to put on.  You may end up feeling frustrated and hopeless throughout your weight loss journey, but it is so worth it to push through and continue to try.  Your health depends on it.

If you have been trying to lose weight for some time, and you just feel stuck, there may be one or more reasons why.  It is important that you try to identify the reason(s), and take action to find a solution.  Take some time to go through this list and analyze what’s going on in your life.


Struggle #1 – You have hit a plateau

A weight loss plateau can occur after you have been on your journey for a while and have already lost some weight.  If you have changed your eating habits and started exercising, you most likely saw results pretty quickly.  But once your body gets used to those same eating habits and workouts, you may stop seeing results.

Solution:  Now that you weigh less, you may need to adjust how many calories you are taking in.  You can do this by visiting an online calorie calculator, or working with a nutrition coach (like me!).  You will also want to try to switch up the type of workouts you are doing.  It may also be a good idea to add some interval training to your routine.  Your workouts may need to become longer.  You need to try out different things until you start seeing results again.

Struggle #2 – You have no support

If you have a spouse who does not eat healthfully or exercise, then you are probably struggling on your own.  You may be buying and making different types of food for you and your family each day, and it can be exhausting.  You may see the tempting foods other people around you are eating, and just give in.

Solution: You must find a support system.  Is there someone in your life (the closer the better) who will join you on this journey, even if they don’t need to lose weight?  Sit down and explain to this person how important this is to you and explain the reasons you are doing it.  Let them know that you need their help and it would be so much easier if they did this along with you.  It could be a friend, a coworker, your spouse, whoever.  If they truly care about you, they should be ready to step up.  If you don’t have someone like this in your life, you might consider joining a weight loss group, like Weight Watchers, or even an online support group. Or check out the Organize Yourself Skinny Facebook Group.  I have seen these become very powerful motivators for some people.

Struggle #3 – You have zero motivation

So maybe you just don’t have the motivation it takes to be dedicated to your goals.  And that’s okay.  It happens. You may just wonder if it’s worth it, or you may just struggle with getting yourself to the gym to work out.

Solution: In this case, you need to find your motivator.  You may have to dig deep.  If you received a poor health report from your doctor, read up on what can happen in the future if you don’t change things now.  You could be motivated by the fear that gives you.  If you have a big event coming up, make that your goal.  Set smaller goals leading up to the big event.  Leave yourself notes and reminders on your fridge, in your car, at work, etc.  You could also try setting up a reward system for yourself.  This can be super fun.  I give lots of tips on how to do that in this post.

Struggle #4 – You love food

I totally get this.  Food is great.  Food is amazing.  We are surrounded by food everywhere we go.  There is food at work, at home, at parties, at the store, it’s everywhere and you love it all!

Solution: I would never tell you to give up the foods you love.  Life is meant to be enjoyed, and that includes food.  However, if you truly want to lose weight, you are going to have to learn some new strategies when it comes to food.  You may need to learn the idea of moderation, where you allow yourself whatever foods you want, but not as often, or maybe in smaller portions.  You can also find ways to healthify your favorite indulgence foods.  Love pizza?  Make your own rather than ordering out.  Use whole wheat thin crust, lower fat cheese, and lots of veggies.  This works for me!

Struggle #5 – You hate exercise

Some people think about exercise with a negative attitude before they even do it.  You may wake up in the morning and hate the thought of having to move your body.  The gym may make you cringe.  This is a big struggle for a lot of people, but it’s not hopeless!

Solution: First of all, get rid of any preconceived notions you have about exercise.  If you have hated it in the past, forget about it.  Now, try something new.  Think about things you love to do.  Love to shake your groove thang?  Then hit a cardio dance class or snag a cardio dance DVD.  You will have so much fun that it won’t feel like working out.  Rollerblading, bike riding, walking, gardening, playing baseball, whatever you like that involves movement, do it.  Don’t think about exercise as just going to the gym or going for a run. Just be active.  Period.

I hope that one or more of these solutions will help you.  If you need further assistance, I love helping people get healthy.  It is my passion.  Please email me melissa@nutritionandwellnessforlife.com any time!


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