Fitness Blender Review

Fitness Blender Review

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I have heard so much about Fitness Blender in passing, but I had never checked it out…until now! Of course now I’ve been wondering why I didn’t do this sooner because it is an awesome site, and it’s free (mostly)! I am presenting you today with a basic overview of what Fitness Blender can do. Then you need to go explore for yourself.

The Fitness Blender web site offers free workout videos for all fitness levels, and I’m talking full-length videos, not just 5 or 10 minutes. So the first thing the web site will ask you is whether you’ve “got this” or you need “help” getting started. I explored both options to give you a feel for what the site offers for both.


Fitness Blender Review

First up, I clicked on “I’ve Got This,” which took me to the full-length workout videos. You could browse through the videos or narrow your search by keyword, workout length in minutes, calorie burn, difficulty from 1-5, body focus (upper body, lower body, total body, core), training type (cardio, balance/agility, kettlebell, pilates, strength training, barre, HIIT, warmup/cool down, low impact, plyometric, toning, yoga/flexibility/stretching), and equipment needed (aerobics bench, mat, bench, exercise band, medicine ball, physioball, slosh tube, yoga block, barbell, dumbbell, jump rope, sandbag, stationary bike, none).

Fitness Blender Review

I decided to browse, and chose a workout called “At Home Cardio Workout For People Who Get Bored Easily – Fun Bodyweight Cardio.” The stats for this workout were listed for me. It would be 24 minutes of cardio with low-impact options that would also tone. I wouldn’t need any equipment. The difficulty level was 4 out of 5, and I could expect to burn between 169 and 302 calories. This workout promised to have no repeat exercises, and would be a true total body workout. It would include a 5 minute warm up and 20 different cardio exercises for 45 seconds each with 15 seconds of rest. After previewing the workout, I was ready to press play!

Fitness Blender review

This workout was great, and definitely lived up to its claim of never getting bored. I felt like it was just the right length for this type of workout. During the workout, there were some video features that I really liked. In the upper left corner, it shows which exercise is coming up next, so that you’re ready for going right into the transition. It also displays the time left for each move, and your calorie burn range as time passes. The instructor was easy to follow, and offered modifications to make moves easier and harder.

After completing the workout, I found some other really cool things. First, they give you a printable version for the exercises, so you could do this on your own without the video.

From the website.

Printable Fat Burning Cardio Workout 
1 Burpees + 2 Front Kicks
2 Side Squat Steps
3 Walkdown + Shoulder Taps
4 Curtsy squat with Side Leg Raise
5 Jackknife Get Ups
6 3 Lateral Jumps + Jumping Jack
7 Squat Jump Combo
8  Pendulum Swings + Leg Lifts
9 3 Shuffle Burpees (stay low)

Water Break

10 Squat pops
11 3 Split Jumps + Squat Turns
12 Knee, Kick, Jumping Jack
13 Ski to Sumo
14 Star Jump Lunges
15 Warrior Lunges
16 Bird Dog Pulses
17 Bicycle crunch
18 Side Hip Raises
19 Side hip raises

It also give some suggestions for what else you could pair this with if you wanted a longer workout. Finally, it lists some similar videos so that if you liked this one, you can try another one like it.

Next I went back to the home page and clicked on “Help Me Get Started.” This took me to the workout programs page. Here, I could search for full-length workout plans by plan length in weeks, workout length in minutes, difficulty 1-5, body focus (total body, upper body, lower body, core), training type (cardio, kettlebell, toning, strength training, pilates, HIIT, low impact, yoga/stretching/flexibility), and equipment needed (dumbbell, mat, none).

fitness blender review

I decided to check out the FB Fit 8 Week Fat Loss Program to Lose Weight, Build Lean Muscle, and Tone Up. This program would cost $14.99, so now I see how the web site makes their money. It plans out a variety of videos for you to complete on any 5 days of the week, with an optional yoga day. Workouts are around 60 minutes each, and the promise is significant body changes in 2 months. You will also get a clean eating guide of how to improve your eating habits during this time. Once you purchase this, it never expires and can be reused over and over.

fitness blender review

My thoughts on this plan? If you are seriously unmotivated and need a lot of structure, then this might be a good thing for you to try. But I really don’t think you need to pay $15 when you could do this by yourself. You can simply use their free videos for workouts. And the eating guide is not a meal plan, so it’s not like you’re getting anything extra there either. It’s going to really depend on your fitness needs, but I say go with the free videos.

Fitness Blender has a lot to offer. I definitely recommend trying something on their site, just to shake up your routine a little.


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  1. Hilary J says:

    I have been using Fitness Blender for a few years and love them!! They are a husband and wife team who are honest, accessible and real. They also have an awesome social media app that allows you to connect with other users for fitness and nutrition ideas and motivation. I promise I’m not getting paid for this plug. 😉 I simple love Fitness Blender!!

  2. Another unpaid plug here. I’ve also been using them for years and tell everyone I know about them. Different from this review, I actually really like their programs. They save me time from having to pick out videos and make sure I’m not doing the same exercises working the same muscles every day over and over again. I’ve done FBFit, FBAbs, and FB Bodyweight. For me the programs are good value for the money. Before buying a program, try out one of their free 5 day challenges (I think they have 3 of them). The way they put the exercises together in those is similar to the programs. If you like the 5 day challenges, then buy a program and it’s like getting a 4 or 8 week challenge.

    • Hey Laura! Thanks so much for your comment. I definitely can see the value in their paid programs. It’s almost like have your own personal trainer helping you build structured programs.

  3. I have been working out with Kelli and Daniel for 3 years now and love their programs! I started with one of their free 5-day programs and now own about 6 of their 4 and 8 week programs that i rotate through on a regular basis. I love the fact that they plan your workouts for you so I don’t have to spend time deciding which workout to do next. They have workout programs for busy people that take less than 30 minutes a day if you don’t have a lot of time to spend each day. If you have a few dumbbells and a small area to workout in, you are good to go with their workouts. Give them a try – I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

  4. I used to think the same thing – why bother paying for the video programs when they offer them for free? I’ve been using their site almost exclusively since 2012 and see the value in what they offer, so I’ve donated money to their website a few times. Only over the past few months have I decided to go ahead and purchase one of their programs, which is part of what helps them keep their site free. What I will say about the program is that although it’s not a huge deal to sift through the videos to see what I can fit into the morning before work, it’s soooo nice to have it all planned ahead, without spending the extra time researching myself. Also, the structure of the program is better than weeks where I’ve scheduled the workouts myself; they do an excellent job of selecting varied routines that don’t tax one muscle group too much for days in a row.

    I do feel that I’m an experienced exerciser (ie. I am not unmotivated and do not necessarily need structure), but never have I actually enjoyed working out as much as I do since I have started using Fitness Blender. So while I feel you on the “why pay if it’s free” front, I would encourage others to go ahead and buy one of their programs if you like what they offer. While they do generate ad revenue, they keep the videos themselves uncommercialized; they are loyal to their viewers and not big name brands. If you benefit from them, surely that is worth throwing a few bucks their way if you have the means. Help them keep this empire going for the millions of people who they have helped make health and fitness a regular part of their lives.

  5. I’ve been working out with fitnessblender for about 2 years and they are amazing.
    The programmes are fantastic. All the workouts in the programmes are available free on YouTube but they have been set out for you so that there’s not guess work of what should I do next.
    I think I have purchased about 6 programmes now

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