Quick Bedtime Toning Routine


Quick bedtime toning routine

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This exercise post idea came from Tammy’s real-life daily exercise experiences. She confessed that sometimes her strength training routine doesn’t happen and gets pushed to the back burner for any number of reasons. After doing cardio, she sometimes finds that she is too tired to continue on to strength training. Or she doesn’t have time to do it because there are a million other tasks that need to get done. I’m sure many of you can relate to these obstacles. It’s important to remember that you do NOT have to do all of your exercise, i.e. cardio and toning, all together at one time during the day. Yes, there are benefits to doing it together, but there are also benefits to breaking your daily exercise into smaller chunks throughout the day. Plus, if that’s the only way you can get it done, then it’s better than not doing it at all. Tammy had this idea of doing some quick toning moves before bed at night to help her get the results she is looking for. So she asked me to put together a short bedtime toning routine that anyone can do anywhere, even literally right next to their beds. So here you go!


This routine should take ten minutes or less. These are not moves that are going to get your heart rate way up, which is a good thing since you are getting ready for bed. And hopefully you have squeezed in some cardio somewhere else in your day. These moves are designed to be performed slowly and in a controlled way, in order to target your muscles and really help sculpt them. You can certainly modify the number of the moves, doing less to start if you are a beginner, or more if you are an advanced exerciser.

Since you never want to do strength training moves with completely cold muscles, just make sure you have been moving around a bit before you do these. Don’t just get up from the couch where you have been sitting for an hour and do them. Walk around a bit, straighten up your house, anything that lightly gets your body moving. After you do these moves, it’s a good idea to briefly stretch. You can even do your stretches lying in your bed.

Quick Bedtime Toning Routine

25 squats

25 stationary lunges on right leg

25 stationary lunges on left leg

15 pushups

20 crunches

25 lying glute lifts (Lie on the floor on your back, lift and squeeze your butt)

15 side leg lifts with right leg

15 side leg lifts with left leg

30 second plank

30 second right side plank

30 second left side plank

Do you try to fit in any exercise before bed? What are your favorites?

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