3 Simple Tips for Getting Back on Track With Your Weight Loss Goals

Simple to Help You Get Back on Track with Losing Weight

No matter how much you try to prevent it from happening getting off track on your quest to get healthy and lose weight is going to happen. Sorry to break the news. Well maybe this will come more as a sign of relief to you?

We all go through different seasons of life. There are times you will be totally focused and motivated to keep moving forward with eating healthy, exercising regularly, and just doing what needs to get done. During these times creating a healthy lifestyle won’t seem like work or a challenge that can’t be met. Then…there will be the times you are tired, stressed out, and have a million other things you need to worry about. Those are the times you want pizza, chocolate, and to just veg out on the couch. Or it could be as simple as going on vacation and getting out of your routine. Whatever the reason there will also be something to get you off track. That’s life.

Creating a healthier lifestyle and losing weight is a lifelong process – getting off track is part of that process. Unfortunately, weight loss does not come in a pill, potion, body wrap, weird deprivation eating plan, or freeze dried diet meal. It does not stop once you reach your goal weight either. Nope it is a lifestyle; one you will always have to think and act intentionally with.


But here is the good news. If you get off track that means you are trying…right? Say yes. Think about it this way if you are not trying or working towards a healthier lifestyle then you can never get off track. I know… I am always the glass half full – I get that from my mom. But seriously, don’t be afraid of failure or getting off track – failure happens because people are trying. Maybe failure is too strong of word but I factor failure into everything I do. Not that I expect to fail or set myself up for failure. I just know if I am afraid to fail I will never try. Make sense?

Here are some tips for when you find yourself getting off track with your eating and lifestyle goals.

Examine your method

I put this first because I think it is really important that your weight loss method be sustainable. Meaning what you do on the first day (or week) of your weight loss journey needs to be done the rest of your life. So if you are always trying the latest diet craze or gimmick then most likely you will find yourself getting off track quite a bit because these methods are rarely sustainable. Losing weight is about habits not products – keep that in mind. Your focus should always be on creating healthy sustainable habits that fit into your busy lifestyle. Slow and steady changes over time will lead to big sustainable results.

Get back to basics

A lot of times when I find myself getting off track it is because I am not regularly menu planning, preparing my foods, or tracking – basically everything I talk about here. Obviously, this does not happen too often because of my blog but believe me I am not immune to falling off the weight loss wagon. When I do find myself slipping a bit I always go back to the basics. I set aside time and create a menu plan so I know what to eat; make ahead my meals so I have healthy foods ready to eat; and I start using My Fitness Pal regularly to keep my calories in check. Once I get back into it I begin to see the rewards again of keeping everything organized. I then experience a sign of relief and this gives me the motivation to keep moving forward.

Hold yourself accountable

Accountability is so important to the process. It helps to measure progress, identify problems, and keeps you moving forward.  Nothing catapults me into reality like stepping on the scale – especially when I am getting off track. I know it is scary to do this and many people don’t like scales but this is what works for me. If you don’t want to get on the scale then do something else to hold yourself accountable.

As you move forward, create healthy habits and become more comfortable with them you will find getting off track having much less of an impact on your overall lifestyle. Sure it will still happen but you will be able to recognize and bounce back much faster.

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What other tips do you have for getting back on track with your weight loss goals?

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  1. Gail H. says:

    I needed this post! Thank you!! I loved all your tips, but the first one really hit home! And oh the planning….so important, but sometimes I just get tired of it 🙂 Thanks again for your great blog!!

    • I think we can all relate to the first one. It is so easy to get caught in the latest “weight loss miracle” when really we are the ones who have the true control. Thanks so much for your comment and reading smk 🙂

  2. I really needed this today. I have been struggling with staying motivated for weeks. Reading your blog helps keep me going when I just don’t want to! Thanks!

  3. I really, really appreciate this! Great suggestions! I really like to read blogs and FB pages (even go back and read my own) when I need help getting back on the wagon. Once I read the inspiring words all over the internet, including running articles or healthy recipes (Pinterest), I can’t help but be motivated to get back on the wagon.

  4. Keia Blake says:

    I love these ideas. I am terrible at meal planning I think needs to be where I focus right now so I can get some healthy foods planned. Thank you 🙂

    • Meal planning is a process that is for sure. But it does help a lot with staying focused on healthy foods. Start slow and resuse menu plans. I found that to be very helpful! Good luck and let me know of you have any questions.

  5. Did you read The Power of Habit?

  6. Yeah, at the end of it all, we’ll always be the one accountable for what we do, no one else to blame.

  7. so needed this today! I’ve been home due to knee surgery so my activity isnt even close to my usual. I’ve been trying to focus on my eating, but its hard to keep on track. got back on my fitness pal yesterday and took measurements today.

  8. Thanks Stephanie,
    I have been giving myself the excuse of “it’s ok to treat myself because I quit smoking”. I did quit smoking, 3 months ago. I gave myself the ok to do what I had to do to not smoke. That was to treat myself whenever I felt like it. And boy did I! Now its 3 months later and I feel myself in the throws of a sugar addiction! On my way home now I think “do I have any treats at home? Do I need to stop at the store on my way?” I had inadvertently changed my addiction to cigarettes to sugar. I said to myself this past weekend, ENOUGH! I stopped for pizza last night but not for any sweets! I need to switch my thinking to anything sweet better be fruit. I have a big container of strawberries that I just picked from the farm in my fridge (I live in Florida). This article came at the right time. I also just received a book I ordered in August from a PBS drive from JJ Virgin and the Virgin diet. I haven’t finished that book yet but do plan to do it. But until I finish the book, I definitely need to get back on track, weigh myself, and plan out my meals. Your meals look so good and easy. I did the salad in a jar thing but only one weeks worth. I needed motivation to get it done! Thanks!!

  9. how many calories do you consume on a given day?

  10. Nancy Kettner says:

    Thank you for the great advice. Love your blog. I so needed to read this. I have plateau and have not been able to reach my goal. I eat healthy and exercise every day and sometimes feel what is the use?

  11. I love this blog post! I do not like hot weather and have had trouble going walking, which I enjoy doing. Perhaps I can go swimming. I might even try walking in the early morning as I have problems with sun sensitivity. Thank you for helping me to revamp my routine! I will begin tracking my food again in the morning. I stepped on the scale this evening and was mortified by what I saw! It is back to basics for me!

  12. Patty vazquez says:

    I was doing so good went to visit my family in April and i gain few pounds which im not ashamed i really enjoyed my 2 week vacation and the time with my family but is getting hard for me to loose those pounds that i need to reach my goal 🙁 im only 20 pounds away from loosing 100 i know i can and i will do it .. thanks for tips 🙂

  13. i also just returned from Disney. I did eat badly, so I’m back on track. I think what makes it easier for me to get back on track, is I have found what works for me, and I like the food I can eat. This accomplishment took a long time, but it was worth it.


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