4 Different Ways Blogging Has Helped Me Lose Weight and Keep It Off!

4 Different Ways Blogging Has Helped Me Lose 40lbs and Keep it Off

I started blogging about 7 months after I decided to change my life, get healthy, and lose weight – 40 pounds to be exact. At that time it was pretty noticeable that I was losing weight and many people were starting to ask me “how I did it”. Actually, even today I have people come up to me and comment about my weight loss. It feels great and I love talking to others about my experience – especially moms like me. Losing weight is a battle that many people struggle with so it makes me feel good when my story and experience can bring a glimmer of hope to someones day.

Food journaling, freezer cooking, menu planning, and all the strategies that  changed my life were the topic of many of these conversations. Obviously, I could sit all day and chat about making and freezing homemade pizza dough but I really didn’t think anyone else would care. Well they did, especially when I mentioned the weight loss part. Most people were shocked that I was able to lose weight by eating real food and not weird diet junk. I think it is safe to say that after the shock wore off their reactions turned to excitement and jubilation. Think about it I just told them they can continue to eat the foods they love and still lose weight. That is very liberating. After telling my story numerous times and seeing everyone’s reaction I decided to start a blog and write about it. I felt this would be the best way organize my thoughts and share my experience with others.

It has been over two years since my first blog post and I have not looked back. I have learned – and continue to learn – so much about food, myself, and losing weight.


People still ask me about my weight loss, but now I get another question – how do you keep the weight off? Good question. I have sustained my weight loss for about 2 years now. I think that is a great accomplishment because, in my opinion, keeping the weight off is whole other challenge. The first thing I talk about are the routines and habits I have put in place to help me sustain my weight loss. I really believe weight loss is not about some magic potion, pill, and/or drastic diet plan. It is not going to happen overnight and may even take weeks or months to see results. But as healthier habits and routines are created you will start to see a change. Trust me.

Beyond the habits and routines, when I think about what has helped sustain my weight loss, it is this blog. When I started blogging I really did not think it would play such a big role in helping me reach my weight loss goals and more importantly sustain that weight loss. I really just thought I would share my experiences and some recipes. But I quickly learned that blogging would play a bigger role in creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In fact, I often say, if were not for blogging I probably would have regressed back to old habits a long time ago. Now I am not saying you absolutely need to write a blog to lose weight. Many people change their habits, lose weight, and sustain their weight loss without writing one single word down. What I am saying is blogging has worked for me, kept me on track, and has been a huge influence in keeping my healthy lifestyle a priority.

See my “How to Start a Blog” Page here.

4 Different Ways Blogging Has Helped Me Lose Weight and Keep it Off


Accountability is so important to weight loss. It helps you track progress, stay focused and intentional, and make changes as needed. When you are held accountable to your actions then you are much more likely to make healthier choices. Blogging has held me accountable. For example, each week I post my weekly weigh in. At first, I was scared to put myself out there and my sister thought I was nuts. Seriously, who would get on a scale, take a picture, and then post for the world to see. That would be me. As crazy as it sounds posting my weight on my blog has been one of the best things I ever did to keep me motivated with losing weight – even when I don’t see the results I want. This weekly weigh in alone makes me think about the foods I am eating and motivates me to get on the treadmill. So simple yet so powerful.

Beyond the weigh in I also feel that many of my readers look to me as a mentor and role model and this also holds me accountable. I know the struggles of being a busy parent and the difficulty to try and change habits in the midst of surviving the daily grind. It’s not easy. But it can be done. I did it and want to encourage others through my blog to do the same. That keeps me going. You keep me going.


Before blogging, when I tried to lose weight it was always on my own. I never thought to get a weight loss buddy or enlist the support of others to help keep me motivated. For some reason I just did not think that was necessary. Well it might not be necessary but having a group of people to offer advice, motivate each other, and just be there to share ideas with has been very helpful in losing weight. It is encouraging to know that there are many others out there in the same exact boat as you. Blogging has provide a community that I absolutely cherish. Again, this is something I did not expect when I started blogging, but now that I have it I can’t imagine going through this journey without all my readers – that would be you. Of course, it takes time to build a readership but even having a few people on your side to listen can make a world of difference.

Always a Student

When I started blogging I had basic cooking skills; never heard of clean eating; and thought I knew everything there is to know about menu planning and freezer cooking. Well as I continue to blog I realized that I still had so much more to learn about food, weight loss, and everything in between. Blogging has kept me a student. There is always more to learn and room to grow.

Organize and Work Through My Thoughts

Blogging is therapeutic. It helps me work through my own weight loss struggles and challenges in a productive way. Before blogging all of those thoughts would just stay in my head unless I was venting with a friend or colleague. But now blogging gives those thoughts a home and allows me to use them in a way that can possibly help other people. Using my experiences and knowledge to help others has helped me more than I would have ever imagined.

I know when you are focused on losing weight starting one more new thing – like a blog – may be the farthest thing from your mind. I totally understand. However, I really feel that blogging can have such a positive impact on your success with weight loss. I know it has for me. Like I said, I don’t think I would be where I am today without blogging.

Now I don’t want you to think that if you decide to blog you need to grow it to 1000s of followers and make a business out of it. Most people that blog do so as a hobby. The great thing about blogging is you can do whatever you want because it is yours.

If you want to give blogging a shot but not really sure where to start then check out the How to Start a Blog page I put together a few months ago. I put this page together because I was getting many emails from readers about starting a blog and I also suggest it as a strategy for weight loss all the time. I found that most people see the value in blogging but don’t have a clue how to do it. If you start a blog I hope you find my page helpful in getting you started.

Do you already have a weight loss or healthy lifestyle blog? Or are you going to start one after reading this? If so then leave your link below. I would love to check it out.

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  1. Hi Tammy,
    I just subscribed to your newsletter and have been interested in your site. Congratulations on your weight loss. I am so passionate about nutrition as well. I love what you do and hope that it is helping others.
    I am a holistic health coach and personal trainer, as well as pilates certiifed. Someone at the salon recommended I visit your site!
    My goal is to reach out to as many people I can to educate them about healthy eating and weight loss. I lost over 100 pounds and heve kept it off for over 13 years!
    It is so true that it is just as difficult to maintain your weight loss.and I recently have put my own weight out there to keep myself accountable as well. It really makes you think about what you are eating.
    Keep up the great postings, love to connect with you sometime!
    Rachel Miller,CHC

  2. Hi Tammy,
    I actually just joined the world of blogging to write about my passion for improving my life. Getting healthy is a huge part of that. I am still struggling to lose the 20+ lbs from my baby (she is now 16 months old). I’m really hoping that blogging about my progress and failures not only with losing weight but just getting my life organized will help hold me accountable for these goals so I can reach them! Your post is very inspiring. Thank you 🙂
    I would love it if you could stop by my little blog sometime improvingmewithkeialee.blogspot.com
    Keia Lee

  3. Margo Parker says:

    Hello, Tammy – & Everyone!
    Am new to your site and frankly, if it hadn’t been for another friend on FB I would never have found you.

    Brand new member today and am looking forward to testing out your recipes and a new way of meal planning. I live alone so meal planning is a real pain and most times I’m really not in the mood to cook (even though I love to cook)! But why cook so much that I’ll have to throw most of it out? Get tired of eating the same thing 3-4 days in a row.

    Also, I noticed on your weekly menus you don’t offer any daily fruits in the meal plans. I need some guidance on how to add fruits to my daily intake and hope you can advise me on that. Too, I’m diabetic so I must be carb conscious along with sugar intake. With weight control the diabetes should just wander off in the sunset somewhere never to be heard from again. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  4. I have liked your site for a while, but recently something caught my eye, and now I am reading more regularly. I struggle with my weight constantly. To look at me you wouldn’t tank I have a weight problem, but, I am ‘overweight’. I haven’t gone near the scale for about a week now as I would get very depressed, and then eat more. I am a sugar addict. Christmas is horrible for that. I even cut way back on the treats I make for Christmas, but chocolates get in my house, and eating out…I have felt bloated and gross for the better part of December and I cannot take anymore. I am usually active, ran a 1/2 marathon in May, go to the gym regularly, except for the past few weeks…nada…why bother? I’m just going to eat it back. I have nothing exciting to share with the world, but would perhaps love a weight buddy. My husband encourages me, as do friends, but…he goes to bed early, I eat, and I just whine to my friends. They can only encourage me so much…they are in no need of weight loss! I know it is a lifestyle, and I know I cannot eliminate foods 100%,but I’d love to hear Morton how you lost it and maintained it. That’s one thing I can’t do…maintain. I have been up and down 10-20 pounds over the last several years…I’m 5’9, so doesn’t overly show, but if know it, and I hate it.

  5. Great post. I so enjoyed reading about how blogging has helped you lose weight and keep it off. I started blogging before I had a clear focus. I knew I wanted to share my passions around yoga, cooking, weight loss, healthy eating and simple living. Over time my focus has become easy, light and delicious Weight Watchers friendly recipes. And in October I challenged myself to use my crock pot every day to make light delicious recipes and post them. I’ve been in maintenance mode with my weight for several years now. I too believe that my blog has helped on this front. I used to eat out of boredom or when I was stressed. I rarely feel those emotions any more. And I’ve set up an environment to support me. I don’t keep much junk food around so it’s too much work to go out and hunt it down!
    Thanks for the inspiration.



  6. Barb Irwin says:

    Blogging helps with my weight loss and maintenance as well, but I’m not totally regular about it. I do it from Sparkpeople.com. I encourage you to take a look at the site.Have a great weekend!

  7. Carole Cottom says:

    I would be very interested in any blogs for senior citizens. I turn 75 next month and I am easily 60 lbs. overweight.


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