How to Start a Weight Loss Accountability Group

How to Start a weight loss accountability group

Accountability, throughout your weight loss journey, will be the backbone of your success. It helps you to keep focused and work towards achieving your goals. Accountability, more importantly, lets you know when you are getting off track and not staying true to your plan.

Keeping a food journal and practicing a weekly weigh in are two ways I have suggested, many times, to hold yourself accountable. I have practiced both of these tools, over the last year or so, with much success. However, most people need more than that to keep motivated throughout process of losing weight.

If you are finding yourself needing more support I suggest starting a weight loss accountability group.


An accountability group is basically a small group of 2 or more people checking in with each other minimum once a week. This can happen in person, online, via email, or any methods that will work for the group. Starting your own weight loss accountability group is beneficial because for one it is free. Second, there has been proven success shown on people that use a weight loss support group or a “diet buddy”. Many national weight loss programs have weekly group meetings but, as you know, they cost money and don’t always fit into your lifestyle or schedule.

In your accountability group meetings you will set goals, talk about achievements and setbacks, and offer support if needed. For most people, checking in weekly with someone other than themselves provides more of an incentive to stay reminded and focused on their weight loss goals.

Weight loss is a life long learning process that requires forming new healthier habits. Accountability group meetings are also a great place to learn from one another by sharing ideas, tips, and recipes.

How to Set up a Weight Loss Accountability Group

Find a small group of people who share the same weight loss and healthy eating goals.

Please note, you want to find people that will be honest with you and not be afraid to hold you accountable. What’s the point of an accountability group if the people are just going to tell you what you want to hear? Yep, there is no point. Find people who will hold you accountable.

Set up a weekly time to “check in”.

I recommend doing this in person but I understand that might not be possible for everyone. If you can’t meet in person that I recommend setting up a virtual space for your group. You can do this with a Facebook group, emails, Facetime or Skype, or some other tech savvy way. The point is to just make it a priority to meet consistently. Once a week is the recommended time but if you want to meet more then by all means go for it.

Create structure to your group.

Don’t think of your accountability group as just a way to hang out and socialize. Sure it is fun to see and talk to everyone but this group needs to have a purpose. For example, at each meeting you can have a weigh in, discussion of accomplishments and setbacks, writing out goals for the next week, and then you can use the end to social. Business first friends!

Keep at it.

With our busy schedules it is so easy for an accountability group to fall off the radar. Obviously, life happens but try not to go more than 2 weeks without touching base with your group or connecting with someone that has been missing. Keeping each other motivated and focused is the main point of the group.

I use Organize Yourself Skinny as my accountability group. Yes I know it is a lot larger than the recommended two people but it works for me. Knowing that I have a large group of people watching my progress is all I need to keep me focused. Sometimes I think without OYS I would have went back to old habits a long time ago. Thanks for holding me accountable!

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  1. Mary Yoder says:

    I truly believe in accountability. I have been in a group since January and have lost 25 pounds. I love my group they spur me on when I don’t want to exercise.

  2. I just downloaded the free apps my fitness pal and run keeper. I’ve heard people say they are great apps.

  3. Would you consider ever beginning an accountability group as part of your site???


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