How to Start the Weight Loss Journey (Series) Part I: Assessment and Acceptance

How to Start Your Weight Loss Journey 6 Part Series. Part 1: Assessment and Acceptance

In October, it will be one year since beginning my weight loss journey. This journey, while not over, has lead me to losing 40 lbs. Many days it is still hard to believe that I am succeeding in achieving my weight loss goals because for so long it seemed like an impossible feat. However, I pushed through the numerous challenges, and triumph to victory.

Now as I reflect back over this past year I want to share more about the steps I took to reach this destination.

This post is the first in a series that will discuss the process I went through in getting on track to living a healthier life and ultimately losing weight.



Step 1. Assessment

To get where you need to go first you need to know where you are at.

What does that mean?

Well it means dust off the scale, put fresh batteries in, step on it, open your eyes, and look down. See that number well that is your current weight.

Next, plug those numbers, along with your height, into a BMI (body mass index) calculator. Body mass index is a calculation that uses your height and weight to estimate how much body fat you have. Keep in mind it is just an estimate. However, unless you are a body builder it does gives you a good idea of where your are at in relation to height and weight. I found this to be very helpful when putting together my weight loss goals.

Lastly, go get the measuring tape and take all your measurements.

Of course for a more in-depth medical assessment I recommend a trip to your doctor. However, don’t use scheduling a doctor’s appointment as another excuse. You can do all of this beforehand to get started prior to seeing your doctor.

Everything should only take about 10 minutes.

Obviously stepping on a scale and taking measurements is easier said than done. I know this first step was really hard for me considering I spent years doing my best to avoid the scale along with anything else that would remind me of the weight I needed to lose.

However, this first step is a critical one and should not be ignored or avoided. I strongly feel that I would not have been able to successfully create goals and a plan to reach them if I did not know what my starting point was.

Step 2. Acceptance

Denial is a fierce defense mechanism that can and will sabotage any healthy living or weight loss effort. I know that being faced with “the numbers” can be frightening and discouraging but to move forward it is important to be honest with yourself.

Accept what the scale has to say.

In fact say it out loud and even tell people. For me speaking openly about my weight instantly gave me back the control I clearly lost along time ago.

Learning and accepting where you currently are with your weight is not easy. However, think of it this way, once you begin your weight loss journey you will never see that number again.

The next post in this series will discuss ways to successfully commit and stick to your weight loss plan.

Have you struggled with assessing and accepting your current weight numbers? Do you have any tips to make these steps easier?

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  1. jen useda says:

    Loved reading part one! Can’t wait for the rest. I try very hard not to snack..plan ahead on my meals and remember not to give myself too much guilt if I have an unhealthy snack once in a while..Congratulations on losing weight and you are so right when you said “journey”. This is a life long battle not an overnight fix.

  2. Great start…cannot wait for the rest of the series. I am just starting my weight loss journey and have 40 pounds to lose and KNOW I can do it this time. The other times I didn’t own it and now I know it is just not an option to not have it work!

  3. I started my journey a few weeks ago, and am SO encouraged by this post! Thank you!!! I can’t wait t reclaim myself, and remember who I am. For so long, I have put myself on the back burner, forgotten about ME. It’s my year to be selfish and put myself (and my health!) first.

    • Ashley that is awesome!! We have all been there mama…believe me. You can do it! Please stay in touch and let me know how you are doing with your progress and if you have any questions. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  4. Sounds like a great start. It’s wonderful that you’ve lost 40 pounds. That isn’t easy. It is pretty tough to face reality. I started my weight loss journey and the beginning of May and have lost a little over 20 pounds. It feels slow, but I’m headed in the right direction.

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  6. I love what you said about telling people how much you weigh because it gives you power and control to accept and own yourself. Even though I haven’t been able to lose the weight I gained post-divorce and multiple orthopedic injuries…. I at some point became able to share my honest assessment with others with no shame. My oldest daughter is often embarrassed by my forthrightness but I’m glad I’m able to set an example of honesty and acceptance.

  7. Kris Dwyer says:

    Can you send me the rest of the steps?

  8. Wow, a nice reminder of where I began… 8 years ago, I weighed in at 240+ lbs. I began the journey to lose that weight. I did it the right way by eating healthy and exercise. I lost 100 lbs., but it did not happen overnight, nor did it happen in one year. My journey took about three years. I lost 80 lbs on my own, and being “stuck” for a long time, decided to try Weight Watchers. That worked well until they changed the program. I guess they knew it did not work. I could not figure out the new way, so dropped out. Of course, I started gaining weight, not a lot, but definitely gained. My boyfriend told me about Medifast. So I checked it out and ordered “the food.” At first it worked, in fact I lost the weight and got down to my goal weight. The problem is, I never learned how to eat right in the “real world.” They do have a transition program, but I did not learn it, nor follow it. And then they have the maintain program… I did that program online since they did not have centers where I lived at that time. I moved, and of course, the weight crept up, so I went back to them. Where I live now, there are several Medifast centers. I went to one, but gave up. Then I went to another, but again, I gave up. I think I gave up because the food they prescribe began irritating my digestive system! They prescribe what they call the 5 & 1 plan during weight loss; that is five of the Medifast meals (no deviation from this or you gain) and one lean and green meal per day. I love the lean and green meals because they are healthy meals of my choice, any time of the day (mostly suppertime). Again, I stress there is no deviation from this course because ANY and ALL deviation adds weight and therefore, FRUSTRATION! So, here I am, back to square one. Ready to go back to my original weight loss plan and YOUR program of prepare and plan ahead meals seems the best to me. I only have 20ish more pounds to lose (okay, really 24, I just stepped on the scale and measured myself, and keep on mind, I was just on vacation in Key West during “Lobsterfest”….) I found your site about a month ago, and now I am ready to give it a go…. So, here goes…. 24 lbs to lose, never to be found again.


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