Accept that diets don’t work!

The diet industry spends over 42 billion dollars a year convincing us that they hold the golden ticket to weight loss freedom.  If we follow their rules, plans, regimens, and buy their products then, in no time, we will drop the pounds and look and feel the way we always hoped.

Everybody, including me, at some point falls into the diet trap.  How could you not?  That is what we are taught to believe about how to lose weight and be healthy.  When we think about getting healthy, we immediately turn to the latest diet craze.  How are you supposed to tell which diet is going to work?

I’m here to tell you that crash diets don’t work for healthy and sustainable weight loss.  Repeat after me, “Diets don’t work!”  I spent years trying many image credit Fit Mamasdifferent diets and everytime thinking “OK.  This is it.” or “This going to be the diet that finally works.”  Each time, I was left feeling the four “D’s” of dieting.  I was dissappointed, discouraged, desperate, and depressed because, once again, I failed.

Ironically enough, when I finally accepted the fact that diets don’t work was when my weight loss began.  I realized that instead of relying on a fad diet to control my health, I needed to take control myself.  I had to take responsibility for my own eating and internalize my motivation to succeed.  I needed to create a healthy lifestyle that could fit in with having a family and a very busy life as a working mom.  I quickly learned that if I educated myself on food (counting calories, nutrition, and portion control) and started making healthier choices, my weight loss would begin naturally.  I learned to incorporate these changes into my life seamlessly, with minimal interruption.  This was necessary because, with two little kids, I don’t have the time or patience with anymore interruptions.


Many people ask me, “Tammy, how did you do it?” or “Are you following a strict diet?” or “What diet are you using?” They are shocked when I say that I’m not following any diet, I’m just making healthier choices.  It doesn’t surprise me to see their shocked expressions.  They’ve got to be asking themselves “How can anyone lose over 30 pounds without following a strict regimen from the latest fad diet?”  Well I did, and so can you!

I will be talking more about the road blocks fad diets create when people, specifically moms, are trying to move forward with health and weight loss.  In a future series, I will be focusing on the numerous reasons diets fail moms.

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  1. Popped in from SITS! This is so true and so needed. Everyone thinks there’s a magic formula–there isn’t! Just stay active and eat healthy!

  2. Good for you – that is AWESOME! My sis and I are on the same track … we don’t believe in fad diets and are just trying to be supportive with each other and helping each other count the nutritional value in what we eat. So far, so good. It’s really been a great thing to check in with each other pretty much daily and see how the other is doing. Great post!

  3. I have never fallen into the diet trap, in part because I love food so much that I can imagine depriving myself. I admit though with these extra 10 lbs I have considered it.

  4. adeline says:

    I agree. You need to do something that you can live with the rest of your life. I lost over 60 lbs over the course of 1.5 years and have kept it off for 6 years now. I started eating more healthfully, getting over depression (which really really contributed to my weight gain) and exercising very regularly. Now I’ve run 11 marathons, soon to be 12 and am at a healthy weight.

    • Wow that is awesome and so inspiring! Thanks so much for stopping by and keep in touch would love to hear more about your journey.

  5. What you really mean to say is, “Repeat after me, FAD diets don’t work!” Expecting a *magic* fad diet to help one lose enough weight to be able to go back to your normal eating patteren is a dangerously slippery slope.

    However, a Doctor approved diet such as American Diabetes, or Heart Association diets DO work. IF, one realizes this is a lifetime health commitment – not just a way of dropping a swimsuit size before Memorial Day.

    Most people will smugly tell you to eat less and get plenty of exercise, without realizing that the exercise part is a big problem for the handicapped who must use canes, or walkers. What should a handicapped person do, except eat 750 calories a day rather than 1400?


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