When I began my weight loss journey in 2010 I spent a lot of time collecting and reading information that would help me achieve a healthier lifestyle. Of course, there were plenty of best-selling authors offering up advice, but some of the most genuine, helpful, and encouraging advice I found was through other bloggers. People just like me trying to do their best to take care of themselves and families.

Here are a couple of my favorite ebooks. These are ones I refer back to often and have made a difference in the way I eat and cook. I highly recommend checking them out.

From Your Freezer to Your Family by Stephanie Brant Cornais

Everyday Healthy by Lindsay Olstrom

Please note that I am an affiliate for these ebooks. If you make a purchase  I do get a commission. However, I have read each one and recommend them without reserve. Thank you for supporting these mom bloggers along with Organize Yourself Skinny.