When your “skinny clothes” become your “fat clothes”


This post is by OYS contributing writer Paula. See more of her posts here.

This is one of the best “problems” that I have had to deal with all year. However, while I am getting ready for an important meeting or presentation for work…that was far from my first thought. Since implementing Organizing Yourself Skinny (OYS) tips and tricks, I have had several occasions that I found myself saying “I have nothing to wear”…and truly had nothing (appropriate for the occasion) to wear!

Buying & Saving clothes

I am guilty of buying and saving lots of things. Especially clothes. I am going to assume I am not the only lady here that has that dilemma…if this is not a problem you have, feel free to stop reading here :) For those of you who can relate, what clothes do you find yourself buying, and then saving with little or no use? I know for me it is:

  • A good deal – seriously, who can resist…a deal that nobody can resist? Not me!
  • Out of season – this happens a lot to me here in Buffalo, for example, summer clothes on sale…because summer is over…so I will wear it NEXT summer. Or so I think…
  • Coupon (end of story).
  • “Once in a lifetime…” I can’t even come up with an example for this… but I feel like it has happened to me…multiple times haha.
  • Rare occasion you buy something and truly plan on wearing it…but for some reason you don’t and it gets put in a drawer, which then gets put into your “summer clothes” box, which gets put into the attic, which then gets put into the “skinny clothes” because you gained at least 10lbs over the winter and holidays… you know what I mean? Please don’t tell me I am alone on this…

What do you save?

So now that we know what we have purchased, allow me to talk about what I have saved and why.

  • I’m totally going to wear it again – or so I think…
  • Importance/Sentimental – I actually still have the skirt from when I first met my husband. (I just tried it on recently and it fits!)
  • Expensive – “I paid $100 for that dress… I don’t care if it’s too tight…I’m going to fit into it when I lose weight….”
  • Never worn – this is similar to the other reasons…but you can’t give something away that you haven’t worn yet…for whatever reason…I think this is actually some kind of law? Right?

Purging clothes

It feels good to “get rid” of my “fat clothes”. When you rid your house (attic, storage spaces, coat closets included, not just “your closet”) of clothes that no longer fit, you are also telling yourself that you will never need them again. In the past I have “saved” clothes “just in case”. This time…I have not! I even gave away clothes I only wore a few times because the weight just kept coming off. I am sure it is good to offer them to others so you don’t feel guilty, but I usually try to donate and drop them off right away. Otherwise, I worry they may sneak back into my closet. And we don’t want to take that chance.


It is so expensive to purchase clothes and for ladies, the underwear makes it twice as expensive! I will admit, even though I plan on losing more weight, I wish I had been smarter about buying clothes earlier on my OYS journey. I felt excited to go shopping and buy new clothes. I saw it as an investment. However, since I have dropped more than 6 sizes, I have had to go shopping several times. And each time cost at least $200-$400. In less than a year I have put at least $1000 into changing my wardrobe. Looking back, I wish I had visited some sort of second hand store for some “staple clothes”. As I mentioned in my first post, I never anticipated writing about this. I started my OYS journey on a whim. I expected to lose some weight, but never expected to feel transformed! Therefore, if you are starting a journey with OYS and you are going to be serious about the lifestyle changes that she suggests (portion control, clean eating, menu planning, freezer cooking, exercising etc.) my advice to you is this…

First shopping trip for new clothes

A few nice new items should be purchased the first time you need to go out and update your wardrobe. But not an entire wardrobe. Just 1 or 2 of each of the “staple items” below. I assume your clothes aren’t going to be falling off of you completely when you go out to get these few items…and if they are…go shopping sooner to avoid this problem :) The feeling of putting on a pair of pants that fits just right and is at least 1 size smaller will definitely empower you to keep doing what you’re doing. But again, don’t go overboard on that “new wardrobe” because in the back of your mind, you know that your journey has just begun. (If you don’t have a lot of weight to lose, then obviously this may be the only trip you need).

Second shopping trip for new clothes

As you continue to lose weight, visit a second hand store for at least pants and shirts. It will cost less money in the long run. Also, this was around the time that the weight really started to come off. I dropped at least 4 sizes within 4 months. I was the same size as when I met my husband so in my mind I had “succeeded” and thought it was safe invest in my wardrobe. I was happy with my health, my pant size, my new habits, and everything overall. So it was OK with me to stay in this pant size… however that is not how  works.  I was not the one to choose what my size or weight was, because it was a lifestyle change, it has and continues to keep coming off steadily.

“Staple Clothes” – Here are some items that every closet should not be without. When you need to go shopping for “new clothes” think about what you really need at this point in your journey. Do you have a long journey? If so, be very calculated in your purchases (unless money is no object…then have fun! :))

  1. Pants/Khakis
  2. Jeans
  3. Undershirts/Layering shirt
  4. Belt
  5. Underwear (that fits)
  6. Shoes/Sneakers (yes, my feet have shrunk too! – but probably won’t continue to shrink.)

However, if money is an object of concern as it is for me, think about what your needs are and remember that some items can be purchased “as needed” such as:

Special events

  • sports regalia/jerseys *sometimes it is ok to have baggy jerseys :)
  • skiing
  • swimming
  • weddings
  • ladies nights
  • interviews

Weather appropriate wear/gear

  • sweaters
  • jackets
  • tank tops etc.

So what has your experience been with clothes and losing or gaining weight?

What advice do you have?


  1. Christine Laney says:

    I’ve experienced the same issues this past year. I’ve lost 50lbs, moving from size 14 to size 2-4. While I love shopping for smaller sizes, it has been a little hard on the wallet at times. For work, dress code is “business professional” about 50% of the time. I have recently found a consignment- type store that is focues on business attire. This store buys clothes from you, instead of putting them on consignment. I buy clothes there and as I lose weight, I sell the clothes back when I can no longer wear them. Now that I’ve reached my weight goal, I prefer to think of nice clothes as “investments”. Keeps me motivated to stay on track.

  2. Jennifer Williams says:

    This will work for a size or two at the most but a good tailor can extend the life of many pants. I am very tall so jeans are already an investment for me as I need at least a 36in inseam. When I dropped two sizes I took those pants to a great tailor who took in the rear and waist and they now are a custom fit. Dresses also can be taken in very simply.
    I also have had great luck at goodwill. You pay a fraction of the price of a consignment store and I often find Ann Taylor Loft, Banana Republic, Gap and other good quality brands. Practice patience and persistence (you know, the same things we use to lose weight) and it will pay off.

  3. Jeneane Skelton says:

    I have lost 20 lbs so far and have another 10 to go. I love shopping at the thrift stores for my new basics and have found some wonderful new clothes and some with designer tags.
    I have found that skirts are so much easier to find than pants!


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