Tammy’s Tuesday Weigh In

I was really hoping to post a weight loss this week – however, looking at my current weight that is not possible. I feel a little embarrassed because 1. I know exactly what I need to do to lose weight and 2. I write this blog and look at myself as a role model to all of you looking for answers and motivation. However, I don’t want to get to down on myself because I also feel this is a way for you to see that I am human and, just like many of you, I struggle with this weight loss thing.

Here are my current stats. Sorry for the bad pic – I use my iPhone and I am in my basement so the lighting is bad.


SW: 177

CW: 149


PL: +.5

Even though I gained .5 pounds last week I would not say that it was a total wash. I really focused on making exercise a part of my routine, My goal was to work out Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Happy to say I worked out each of those days except Sunday. Sunday was my husbands birthday party and without getting into too many excuses on why I did not work out that day I will just say it did not happen. What I found to be really helpful was to actually assigned exercise to a day, get my clothes and sneakers ready the night before, and set my alarm and actually get on my treadmill. In my experience, getting on the treadmill is the hardest part because once I am running I feel great!

Another lesson learned is everyday counts. It is really easy to do well all week tracking food and exercising but if you slack on the weekends it doesn’t take much to undo the work you did throughout the week. This is what happened to me. I was very focused Monday – Friday then Saturday – Monday I definitely went off track as I prepared food for my husband’s party. That continued as I ate my fair share at the party and in snacking the next day. I didn’t go hog wild but I knew the extra pieces of cheese and dip were not going to do me any good on the scale this morning.

Now I am not saying that we shouldn’t enjoy ourselves at parties or just hanging out on the weekend but we do need to be aware of the extra snacking that comes along with preparing for a party as well as the leftovers. I guess the take away message is small bites add up.

One thing is for sure and that is I am not going to give up – I will never give up. The power to change is in my hands. I call the shots when it comes to the food I eat and when I work out. Therefore, when I lose weight or gain I have no one to thank or blame but myself.

This week I will continue to focus on exercise because I really want that to become part of my natural routine. I want to get to a point where I just wake up and exercise without thinking too much about it. Also, a reader last week suggested that I try to fit in some strength training (along with my cardio) to build lean muscle. The more lean muscle we have the better our bodies are at burning calories throughout the day. Plus, it gives our bodies definition which is something I need.

There you go – my week at a glance. Hope you found it helpful.

Enter your stats below and let us know how you are doing. Remember you can join in at anytime.

I have to say I am also incredibly motivated every week with reading all your comments.


  1. SW 164
    CW 159.2
    Gained 1 lb this week

    Your post made me feel like I’m not alone. I went back through my MFP journals to pinpoint some key points of why I may of not lost. We ate out too much this week. So I will make the necessary changes and be on track once again! You are a honest role model for weight loss, you show positive and negative weigh stuff so I thank you for putting yourself out there to us to show we are not alone.

    • Thanks sherry! I appreciate your comment. It is definitely not easy to put myself out there (especially when I know the weight loss is not there this week) but I am happy these posts help others. They also keep me accountable which I need.

      Good luck this week!!

  2. SW 179.2
    CW 174.4
    GW 135
    TL 4.8

    I truly can’t believe it! I lost 1 lb this week. Tammy, I thought I would be exactly like you as it was my daughter’s birthday party this weekend. I tracked almost everything (who knew 1 piece of pizza, a grocery store cupcake and a small scoop of ice cream was 1000 calories!!!!) I will count this blessing and continue on knowing I need to do better in those situations. Thanks so much for sharing your journey!! I am more motivated now than I’ve ever been!!!

    • That was an eye opener about the calories of just a piece of pizza, a cupcake, and a scoop of ice cream. I am glad you shared that becasue I always think- oh what will just a little bit do? But that shows you what it can do! Thanks for sharing that!

  3. SW- 156.8
    CW- 153.6
    GW- 125
    pounds lost so far-3.2

    I gained .6 pounds this week but I like to focus on the positive too so I am proud of myself that I ran three times this last week on the treadmill. This is a big improvement over my weeks in the past. I am really becoming aware of all those little bites,licks, and handfuls of snacks that I do eat so I feel like even though I added some this week I learned a lot more so next week will be better! My goal this week is to drink more water too. I noticed I do not nearly do enough of that.My body is starting to feel better and I feel like everyday I eat good I am slowly getting more and more energy.

    • Tammy this has been really great for me. I appreciate you putting yourself out there like that! Its great motivation!

      • I am so happy you find this helpful and motivational! I am also so inspired by everyone that joins in every week.

  4. SW 206
    CW 175.2
    up .2 this week – ugh

    I need to track and plan ahead. Thanks for being transparent and honest – we’re all in the up and down together.

    • Nidia your comment is so sweet! I love knowing that we all have each other for support as we go through this process!

  5. SW – 179.5
    CW – 176.5
    I just started working out last night. I’m going to try to work out 4-5 days this week. Thanks for doing this, it really helps to weight in and post with other people!

  6. I only just found your blog last night and am so glad I did. I spent an hour+ going through your past posts. You are the first person I’ve found who makes meal planning/cooking ahead of time seem within reach/doable for me. We really eat out too much (though we’ve been doing better lately) and it’s really affected us both health-wise and financially. I think even just your ideas of cooking a ton of chicken ahead of time and the breakfast burritos will save us a ton of time/money (my husband has been spending 60+ a month on breakfast burritos at the drive-thru every month!)

    Anyways – here’s my weigh in!

    SW – 200
    CW – 197.4
    GW – 155
    PL (this week) – .2

    I had a pretty dismal week as far as progress goes. I only went to the gym twice, and the second time I stopped early because I felt discouraged by the people around me. I so wish we had a treadmill at home, but we have no room for one! I ate pretty well during the week (no eating out)… The weekend is what killed me. It was my friend’s birthday and for her party we were supposed to bring snacks that we ate in our childhood. Basically my food consumption consisted of: Mcdonald’s, pizza, cherry Pepsi, Little Debbie cakes, Pringles, birthday cake, and Gushers. The next day I weighed myself and the scale read 199! I guess it was mostly bloat, though, as I did somehow managed to lose a tiny bit.

    This week I’m going to start meal planning and try to go to the gym 4 days (3 runs, 1 racquetball session).

    Sorry for the super long post!

    • Hi Jessie!

      Thanks so much for your post! I love when people take the time to write about their experiences – so don’t worry about your comment being long that is what makes this blog awesome. We are here to learn from and support one another.

      I am so happy you find my posts helpful. I try to make them as easy to read and useful as possible. I do believe making your foods ahead of time is really the key to creating a healthy lifestyle for yourself. Not only have I lost weight but we have saved a ton of money in the process. My husband and I used to spend about $300 – $400 a month on take out (lunch and dinner). That does not even include what we spent on groceries. That is crazy I know! Now we spend $600 total on groceries and maybe $60 – $100 a month on going out to dinner. SO not only have we become healthier but we have saved so much money in the process.

      My advice is always to start slow. Make a few things ahead of time and get a feel for it. Once you see the benefits of having meals ready you will be motivated to make more I am sure of it.

      As for the gym – just getting there 2 days is awesome in my book! I struggle so much with working out. Hang in there and do all you can to keep focusing on making it a routine. If going to the gym is just not working out try doing a video or something of the sort at home.

      You are doing great! Thanks again for finding SMK!

      - Tammy

  7. I am very happy to have found your site. I’m going to join in posting next week. I have been eating much better since starting on jan 2. I have lost around 4 pounds. I’m so excited to say I have successfully accomplished a goal of not eating after 7:30 since jan 2nd. This was a HUGE problem for me and it means much more than pounds lost at the moment.
    Thanks for the encouraging posts!

  8. SW-199

    Ugh! I am so frustrated to see my scale going up, up UP! However, I know that my weight won’t change if I don’t change my eating/exercise habits. It’s just so hard when I have a family that lives off junk food. I can’t really blame them though for my lack of motivation and will-power as it’s MY body and MY choice to choose the junk over the healthier foods. Sometimes I wish they would be willing to jump on the healthy lifestyle wagon with me so that we can go through this together rather than me going at it alone!

  9. Not as excited about posting my weight this week. I’m up 2.5 lbs. :( On the bright side, I exercised three times last week. I was actually conscious about what I was putting into my mouth. This week, I realize I need to exercise more and record what I eat. I also know that I gain weight every month when my period rolls around. Hopefully, I’ll see a drop next week. Thanks for the motivation.

    LW(last week)-152.5

  10. I’m new to this and not sure about posting my total weight, but here’s where I stand:
    GW – lose 10lbs in a 13 week period
    SW – _46.0
    LW – _43.8
    I find the using the tools I have historically use only work if I use them consistently, which is the problem. I have recently acquired a treadmill and plan on using it! Also trying to implement clean eating. In the months ahead I am going to research and try a week of different ideologies, like gluten free and vegetarian. Thanks for this forum.

  11. SW: 210.6
    CW: 192
    GW: 160

    Up about 3.5 this week – ugh. I ate whatever I wanted and the scale shows it. Off to a better start this week – went to the gym this morning and started tracking my food again. I’ve got to remember to take this journey day by day and not get so down on myself when I have a bad day (or in my case – week!).

  12. SW 151
    CW 149
    GW 130
    TL 2

    This week I gained one pound also. I didn’t do my running last week and I’m sure that is the reason for the gain. Weight fluctuates and I have a plan this week to get it down again next week. Water is my best friend as is the C25K program ;)

  13. Julie Tremblay says:

    Hi Tammy!

    I really enjoy your blog and I understand your struggle. I’ve been up and down most of my adult life. I had a second baby last April and lost all of the weight within a few months. Then Christmas hit and the Christmas baking etc… And I ate! Hahaha! Last week I did well, excercised everyday of the week. However, this week, my daughter went to the emerg (cut her forehead) and then stayed home with me today. Of course, I’m finding all sorts of excuse for not exercising or eating right. Tomorrow is another day!!!

    I’ve seen that you read a lot of books about “dieting” or food I guess… I don’t know if you’ve ever read this book The Small Change Diet by Keri Gains. It’s a great book. I’ve only read it once, but need to read it again. It’s really great and it might help you!!! :-)

  14. SW: 130.6
    CW: 127
    GW: 119
    PL: .4

    So, I’ve lost .4 lbs 2 weeks in a row. I’ve been pretty good with my food, but my exercise is non existent. I have a stressful week coming up (I’m a teacher and parent conferences are next week), so if I maintain my .4 loss I will be happy. The following week I am starting back with my cross training class….hoping that will kick my weight loss into gear.

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